SHIT YEAH, HOLIDAY WEEKEND. I hope everybody has something fun planned! I … actually don’t? Aside from the usual “make some vaguely interesting food, go have drinks” and so forth. But no complaints, it’s been a busy-as-hell week, and that’s about all the excitement I can handle right now.


This is your seasonal reminder that magnolia trees are both gorgeous and amazingly fragrant (sorry for lack of smell-o-vision here, just use your imagination to conjure that green-creamy-lemony scent) :

This is also your reminder [if you already knew, or your bit of Gulf South trivia if you didn’t] that they’re not joking when they talk about “Alabama red clay dirt” :

Any time you remove grass/pavement and the top level soil around here, it’s like underneath everything is a layer of 1970s basement shag carpeting in that unspeakable oversaturated burnt orange. :|  (They tore down a couple of old little shop/office buildings a few blocks from my house, and I’m hugely enjoying seeing the progress — and the HEAVY EQUIPMENT ACTION — every time I walk past.)

IN SALAD NEWS, I cooked scallops for the first time ever, omg. They were revolting! I loathe scallops! They’re unsettlingly slick and bouncy in my mouth, like fish-flavored Jello Jigglers and no fucking thank you! But the boy likes them, so I pan-seared a few in lemon/butter/pepper for a salad (mine had shrimp, duh), which also included field greens, sauteéd yellow squash, fresh green bell pepper, cucumber slices (hidden, idk why), and chopped scallions, with a lemon-balsamic-dijon dressing. BOSS. (He claims the scallops were great, but I remain skeptical.)

Also last Sunday, this happened :

Which, I mean, yes it looks AWESOME, but when you order just a regular ol’ margarita you’re not expecting it to arrive in a vessel you could efficiently bail out a good-sized canoe with. Bonus points for being so spectacularly colorful, and I am 100% gonna dupe this look for a future manicure.

IN FACE GLOP NEWS, I have acquired this stuff and am now Experimenting, so I’m sure you’ll be hearing about my adventures/failures/nasty messes soon :

First impressions : 1) wow this stuff is sticky, 2) no really omg SO STICKY, 3) whoa that’s some hella humectant action tho.

THAT’S ALL I GOT. This evening I’m working, cleaning this gross house, and redoing my manicure. YOUR PLANS, TELL ME THEM. Cookout? Movie? Cocktails? Spring cleaning? Spill it! <3