JOY, IT’S THE WEEKEND. That means it’s time for a random and completely unfocused update on What Collier’s Up To. Right now, I’m about to go RECOLOR LES CHEVEAUX. No wait, pretty sure that’s not right. Hold please.

[consults GoogleTranslate]

Yeah, no, I don’t have any horses. I’m about to go recolor LES CHEVEUX. And, since that Punky Color “purple” stuff was both weak as hell, not very purple, and smelled like grape Bubble Yum, I got a tube of my old stand-by, One N Only Argan Oil Perfect Intensity Longname Dye in “Pure Purple.” Which I think (IIRC) is more purple and less magenta than “Neon Purple,” even though it looks less purple on the box. I’m also trying out a new lightening powder — Wella, which was slightly less expensive ($14.75 versus about $25) than my previous Goldwell, but had even better reviews! Oh god I hate this process so much, and my arms are getting tired just thinking about it. :|

Post-bleaching, I’m gonna dump about half of that tube of purple into my Muted Navyish Mix, along with a bit more of the Pulp Riot “Smoke” and maybe a little black? Once again, I’m going for More Purple But Not Too Purple. FINGERS CROSSED.

IN FOOD NEWS, since last weekend was The Fifth Mayonnaise, I — like half the people I know — made fish tacos. They were grill-pan-cooked tilapia with lime and cumin, plus homemade pickled red onions (put some whole cloves and dill and peppercorns in the vinegar mix for a little extra woo), a salsa of tomato / red onion / mango / white corn / cilantro / lime, grilled bell peppers, chopped romaine, avocado, and goat cheese because my stupid grocery doesn’t have cotija. They were A TRIUMPH, for real.

ALSO, try this shit sometime : muddle a real big ripe strawberry down to pulp with some cilantro leaves, and throw it in a tumbler to chill. Dissolve a couple tsp (to taste) of brown sugar in the juice of one lime and a goodly splash of water, then shake with your chilled cilantro-berry and a shot or so of tequila and a half-shot of Triple Sec or Cointreau : best strawberry margarita I’ve ever made.

In semi-relevant news, a UCLA prof has potentially developed a hangover cure for real. WHOAAAA. In still more semi-relevant news, the bf is very bad about drinking enough water, hangover or no, so I figured he’d maybe get better if he had a Super Fance Designated Water Vessel. Thus, this rather delightful vacuum-walled stainless steel Mira one arrived today, and hopefully he’s not reading this.

That’s the “Blue Granite” color, and most of these in the 17oz size are just under $18 on Amazon — which is WAY better than $35 for a S’Well, and tbh I like the colors/prints (there’re 20 different ones!) better too. Probably a White Granite is gonna be coming to live with me pretty soon, even tho I 100% have no need for a water bottle. It’s pretty, and I like the smooth powder-coat (?) texture of the finish, so.

THIS WEEKEND, in addition to the usual make-a-salad-then-go-out-for-cocktails Saturday Night Extravaganza, I’m going to be A) cleaning the house and B) doing some work including C) filing down the upper edges of 200 swatch sticks.

This is because they come out of their molds with a tiny ridge at the end sometimes, which makes polish glop up there in an unpleasant manner, and because I am Fussy.

YOUR PLANS. TELL ME THEM. Or talk about whatever! <3