~ MOOD ~

“Star Wars and tequila” is the theme for the next two days — and yes that’s an OG bottle of Sauza Tres Generaciones Anejo, and yes it’s like half full and yes it’s REAL GOOD and no, Irish you may not have it.

Tomorrow I’m making FISH TACOS, partly inspired by Mycologie’s recent recipe! Def gonna char my tortillas a little, but instead of roasted cauliflower I’m doing lime-cumin tilapia because I’m on a tilapia kick right now. Pickled red onions, some random homemade pico de gallo variant (probably roma tomatoes, red onion, cilantro, mango, lime, sea salt), goat cheese because my grocery doesn’t have cotija damnit, grilled bell peppers, avocado, and romaine because we live on the edge, maaaaan. (Also Publix’s romaine comes from California, not the scary Yuma Arizona Region.)

IN SALAD NEWS, this one from last weekend was the most summery thing ever and it was ultra simple but I looooved it :

Lemon / soy / pepper chicken breast, thin-sliced cucumber and celery, tangelo, a rather glorious tomato, on baby spinach and arugula with an ACV/Worcestershire brown sugar vinaigrette dealio. EASY. SO GOOD.

Oh did you need more Chuck? Here’s some Chuck that’s actually relevant to today’s theme :

My only remaining dilemma for the weekend is to decide which Star Wars tee to wear tonight, because honestly there’re a lot of them in there. Like, A LOT. Like, so many I’m kind of afraid to count them because the answer will be mildly embarrassing.

IN STILL OTHER NEWS, Racked published this article the other day about how lady-superhero types in movies always have Dramatically Flowing Hair and Yo That’s Sexist (I’m paraphrasing). Honestly I don’t care about this a whole huge ton — long hair whipping around in the wind or a motion-heavy fight scene does look cool, and for me this is a “pick your battles” issue : my chosen battles would be A) more representation and B) more diverse representation, and C) WHY THE HELL DO GAMORA AND NEBULA AND MARIA HILL [etc, etc, etc] ALL GOTTA BE RUNNING AROUND IN 4″ WEDGE HEELS. NOPE.

IT’S LUSH AS HELL HERE. Tell me what you’re doing on this springy AF weekend! <3