Four New Shades of OOOOOH


The siren call of sparkly new eyeshadows : WHO CAN RESIST? Not me — I just picked up four new pretties from indie fave Looxi Beauty! I’ve had two of their highlighters (Luna and Ever After) for a year or so and lurvem, yet sadly it took me THIS LONG to get around to trying some shadows. Let’s check it :


These are four pressed powder shadows from the “Aurora” collection : Misfit, Mirage, Omega, and Savage. They’re $5 each and come in a standard 26mm pan, same as MAC/ColourPop/MUG/etc. Oddly, I’m not seeing Mirage or Omega on the site right now, so it’s possible those are temporarily sold out?

MISFIT ^^ is a red/green flip, kinda similar to ColourPop’s “Glass Bull,” but the base color here is stronger, deeper, and redder. Also similar to Glass Bull, this can be applied more sheerly for a wash of reddish tint with green shimmer, or built up for more impact.

MIRAGE ^^ is a MAJOR sparklebomb. This one is predominantly a bronzey-gold, but it’s also got a bit of rose pink shifty-shimmer happening. Seriously, I can’t even describe how sparkly and overall pleasing this is … however, two points to note : 1) the heavy amount and relatively large size of the spangly bits can make this one harder to blend out smoothly, so it’s maybe better corralled on the mobile lid, or else patted over a another [similar or deeper] color for a glittery-veil effect, and 2) this one — unlike the other three — was a VERY loose press. Probably this is another side effect of the biggish and very generous sparkles : when I went to pick up some on a fingertip to swatch it, on one pass I pressed a little too hard and the whole eyeshadow kinda crumbled in its pan, OOPS. I drizzled a little isopropyl in it and re-pressed it, but I might try adding some setting spray to this one to firm it up, or maybe even just toss it in a jar and use it loose. I can tell you it DEFINITELY wears well, though, and sticks around pretty nicely even without primer!

OMEGA ^^ is a blackened base full of emerald shimmer-sparkle, plus a FAB blueish-violet shift. Oh man it is glorious. You definitely want to apply this one over primer and/or with a wet brush to get the full impact — that’s some quality duochrome action.

SAVAGE ^^ is a red-plum base with violet shimmer, and the shimmer here is notably softer and more pearl-like than in Omega and Mirage. This is one of those colors that reads as “Weird Bruise” but I freaking love it anyway. I used it yesterday and photographed it for this coming Monday’s LOTRT, so you can see it in action soon. I’ll also note that I applied this one over a new previously-untested primer, which I suspect is NOT on par with UD Primer Potion and similar, and it did stay pretty well, though I had some minor creasing after about six hours of wear.


All pics are in the same order as above : L-R, Misfit, Mirage, Omega, Savage. First, applied over bare skin, in two different lighting situations :

Looxi eyeshadows in Misfit, Mirage, Omega, Savage, over bare skin.

Looxi eyeshadows in Misfit, Mirage, Omega, Savage, over bare skin.

Next, over UD Primer Potion :

Looxi eyeshadows in Misfit, Mirage, Omega, Savage, over UD Primer Potion.

Looxi eyeshadows in Misfit, Mirage, Omega, Savage, over UD Primer Potion.

OOOOOO, check the blue-violet shift on Omega! DROOOOOL. And also, Omega’s base is already pretty dark, but here’s Misfit, Mirage (look how the pink flash shows up!) and Savage swatched over my black Starry Prism cream shadow (and at far left is a swipe of ColourPop Glass Bull, and then a swipe of Misfit, so you can see how those compare — Misfit has a deeper/stronger base, and slightly softer green shimmer) :

And obviously I had to do a brief video too, so you can see ’em in action :

So far I’m super pleased with these — fun and interesting shades with a LOT of impact, and Looxi is also cruelty-free, with many/most of their shades being vegan as well. Also noteworthy, many of their shadows are also available as jar-packaged loose pigments, if that’s your preference. WILL I BUY MORE OF THESE? Almost certainly. Charmed, Duperstar, and Genesis are probably gonna end up in the stash at some point…annnnd likely a few others, because I am WEAK.

Tried these before? Dig ’em or nah? <3