A Bad Idea I Did Anyway

“DON’T PUT GLITTER NEAR YOUR EYES.” Is there a more-gleefully-broken makeup “rule” than this? My problem with this rule is that I have a metric shit-tonne (“tonne” because metric) of glitter and I can’t resist putting it on stuff because I like sparkly things. Let’s do some rationalizing, and then let’s do some makeup. WOO.


Primer =/= glitter primer. If you wanna wear glitter on your face, get a real glitter adhesive! Don’t rely on regular eye primer or cream shadow to hold it on! TooFaced makes Glitter Glue which is $20 and available at Sephora and Ulta. If you don’t want to give money to a jerky CEO or Big Makeup, Fyrinnae makes Pixie Epoxy which is $7 and available on their site. If seven bucks is still too much, you can pick up e.l.f.’s Glitter Primer, which I own and use regularly (including here) for TWO BUCKS.

Okay obviously if you’re insistent upon putting glitter on your face, it’s better to keep it away from the immediate eye area (or directly above it, like in your brows or whatever). Because even if you’re just putting it in your brows or on your browbone or whatever, glitter can FALL OFF and filter through your lashes, pachinko-style, and end up in your eyeballs.

There are plenty of actual cosmetic glitter products that’re safe (relatively) for use around the eye. But I’ve got some stuff that I’ve been dyyyyiing to do a look with, and it is not listed as eye-safe (as far as I know). However, it *is* extremely thin and fine and soft — I rationalize that this makes it both more likely to adhere well to my glitter primer without falling off later, and also less likely to cause any serious scratches or irritation if some does go in my eye. What you should definitely 100% never ever do and I’m not kidding : use cheap “craft glitter” around your eyes. A lot of that stuff is made of plastic (rather than the metalized polyester that “nice” glitter is made of) — this means it’s both much thicker and stiffer, which means it’s VERY likely to cause scratches or other injuries if you get it in your eyeballs. Do not do this.


All over browbone and down to crease, a matte nude for your skintone. I used my usual ColourPop pressed in “Hear Me Out.”

On upper part of lid, in crease, and blended upward a bit so that it’s visible when your eyes are open, a matte cement grey. I used my usual D&G Perfect Mono cream shadow in “Elegance.”

On lower part of lid, an opaque metallic/shimmer that more or less matches your glitter. I used NARS Eye Paint in Iskandar, which everyone should own because it’s effing amazing. I applied it really solid at the base of lashes and along lower portion of lid, and then blended it up into the grey a bit, still keeping it entirely on my mobile lids.

Let all of that dry/set if it needs to, especially if  you’ve used any wet/cream products. In the meantime, fluff a WHOLE BUNCH of translucent / colorless powder on your undereye area — this well help cleanup tremendously if that whole area is completely dry and powdery and not at all moist or clingy. Ready? Now pat a thin layer of glitter adhesive all over your mobile lid and then more lightly up through crease. While it’s still a bit tacky, use a clean finger to pat your glitter on top of it. I tried to make mine more solid near my lashline, and much sparser through the crease, so it’d read as a sort of glitter gradient.

Now, let all that totally dry ALL THE WAY. Don’t mess with it yet! Once everything is dried and set, mostly-close each eye in turn, and use a tapered semi-firm brush (I used the Real Techniques small setting brush) to lightly dust any unadhered flakes off of your lids. Then dust it out of your lashes thoroughly. Then open the eye and brush away all the bits that fell on your undereye and cheek area.

I kept the liner as a minimal wing just on the outer half of my upper lid, and used THICK mascara, which I rationalize will help work as a barricade to keep this shiz out of my eyes.

Lower lid has a broad sweep of cement grey, topped with some of the gold metallic NARS on the outer corner, plus a bit of matte black just at the outer bit of the lower lashline and pulled out into a shadow wing.

AND THAT’S IT. This wore really well for me, with minimal fallout and no problems over the course of the night. It’s kinda A Lot Of Look, so I paired it with a warm blush (Tarte in bright peachy “Captivating”) which I topped with a golden highlighter (Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in “Moonstone”) because I decided afterwards that whoa that blush is way too orange and way too intense. No lipstick, just a very thin sheer coat of YSL Glossy Stain in 02 Brun Cachemire.

In person this is just UNBELIEVABLY glittery and dramatic. It would cost too much for me to fly around and visit all y’all and show off my UberSparkle eye makeup, so instead I did a shitty video :

Yes holy crap two makeup posts in one week, WHAT IS HAPPENING? (I’m challenging myself to do more makeup, and more interesting makeup, more often — so this may well be a regular occurrence.)