OOTRT : April 5

Oh hey can you even imagine, we had ANOTHER day (night, whatever) when it was chilly enough for me to wear jeans without sweating like a firehose.

This ensemble is a perfect exemplar of my Sartorial Philosophy i.e. I Don’t Care What It Is Or Where It Comes From As Long As It’s Good. Jacket is the same ol’ Marrakech one I wear so frequently, jeans are J Brand midrise skinnies which I have like ten pairs of in assorted colors (these are kind of a rock’n’roll faded black), tee is my faaaave from Old Navy (I HATE that they discontinued this cut bc it is perfection). The star of this show is the shoes, tho — they’re the result of one of my occasional “I feel like buying something super fancy on sale” and poking around on eBay, doing individual searches (because sometimes things aren’t categorized properly) for “ooooooh”-level shoe brands who often have styles I’d actually maybe wear : Marni, Lanvin, Clergerie, Givenchy, and … YSL.

You guys they are black silk satin with gold leather piping, very Chinoiserie gold leather frog closure and lacquered red-stained heels, and the pink stuff in the embroidery is MARABOU. They are insane and magnificent and I found these little beasts for like A HUNDRED BUCKS. Saint Laurent! New and unworn, for a hundred bucks! I WAS MEANT TO HAVE THEM.

Also wow my hair is looking pretty faded in that top pic, but that’s okay because I’m recoloring it tomorrow. EXCITEMENT. (Not really.) (But it’ll hopefully turn out slightly more purple!)

Have you worn a fun thing? SHAAAARE. <3