OOTRT : April 26

OMG YAY, Dana is back with another smashing OOTRT! LET’S ALL ADMIRE :

This is a pretty simple outfit when you consider the number of pieces involved, which is exactly how I like it when the temperatures starting heating up. I’ve been having a mostly sh*t time with the clothing in stores at the moment (fit is weird, too expensive even when you factor in cost per wear, etc.), but Madewell did manage to come through with the utility jumpsuit of my dreams. Or to be honest, perhaps my 95% of my dreams, since I was originally looking for a black one.


The point of all this is rambling is that if you’re looking for a well-made, true to size, cotton jumpsuit, I would recommend this one. It has also already been eligible for a few sales at this point, which is so rare that I consider it worth mentioning. I picked mine up in a size 12 and paired it here with an old Patricia Nash crossbody bag (from TJ Maxx), and cognac suede heels by Via Spiga (from Nordstrom Rack because I settled).

How’s the weather like where you are? Find anything lately actually worth adding to your closet? DC keeps flip flopping between warm and cold which has sent my allergies into a tailspin of personal misery, but I hope all y’all are doing better!