OOTRT : April 19

Holy woo it’s almost the weekend. Let’s celebrate by appreciating/mocking what I wore out last weekend, which I believe qualifies as “confused” but actually stems from “idgaf, they’re in the same [color/mood/whatever] range.” Which is my usual modus operandi when getting dressed.

YEAH, CAMO AND ARGYLE. The rationale here was “I feel like wearin this camo tee which I think I have never worn” followed by “shit my feet are freezing, which kneesocks are coziest.” Shorts are, again, my fave Pilcro ones from Anthropologie (which have not yet made a reappearance there but I’m keeping an eye out because they’re REAL GOOD). Jacket is, again, my fave Marrakech. Belt is ancient as hell and originally belonged to my dad — it’s from Abercrombie, back in the days when they were legit Abercrombie & Fitch and sold like Fancier Versions of LL Bean Stuff to people who go on safaris but still want to look nice for gin and tonics under the baobab tree, or people who enjoy pretending that they do. I have never been on a safari (I don’t like the idea of having to get inoculations for my leisure activities), but I did buy a ton of crap from A&F before they transitioned to Teen Soft-Core. If anyone needs a vintage early 90s giant plaid flannel shirt, hmu.

Argyle kneesocks are of unknown provenance and are fuzzy enough to be comfortable in chilly rainy weather, but also fuzzy enough to get schlorped down into my rubber SeaVees boots, which seem to really enjoy pulling socks down into a big lumpy wad under your foot. (Is there some kind of spray-on Teflon coating I can apply to the exterior of my socks to make them slick? I feel like this could be my million-dollar invention. I mean, I have slick socks, but socks that’re slick on the inside too feel naaaaasty.)

WHAT’RE YOU WEARING? Tell us about it! Or about your Thursday, or whatever. I’m playing with glitter and listening to the bird bang his treat bowl. <3