LOTRT : April 9

HEY I hope your Monday is as gorrrrgeous as mine — it’s sunny and cool here (after a rather gloomy morning), I had excellent coffee (Sumatra from the local roaster) with my excellent bf, and the weekend was so nice I don’t even super duper care that I slept kinda badly and had weird stressy dreams all night!

ANYWAY. Today’s LOTRT is an object lesson in how much fun it can be to layer/combine “incompatible” colors, and also that sometimes when you start a look with no particular direction in mind and end up making a dire drab mess, it can usually still be salvaged!

ANYWAAAAY. I started off wanting a kind of muted blue-and-taupe look, and pulled out the ColourPop pressed “Hear Me Out” ivory-nude and “Take The Lead” grey-taupe, and then grabbed My Pretty Zombie loose shadow in “Gangrenous” — which, WOW I forgot how stronnnnngly blue this one applies. I ended up going over much of it with the matte ivory and taupe to tone it down, which resulted in an interesting kinda-muddy but still kinda-shimmery thing. And then, caution thrown completely to the wind, I scuffed on some Morgana Cryptoria “Cauldron Flames” in a kind of deliberately jagged swath that would cover the outer part of my lids and also be slightly visible above the crease.

“You can’t layer those, ew.” “WATCH ME.”

That’s the far-right light pearly highlight shade from the e.l.f. x Christian Siriano eye palette, CP Hear Me Out and Take the Lead, MPZ Gangrenous, and MC Cauldron Flames.

I don’t have a step-by-step for this one, which you should be glad of, because it would be approximately the length of Ulysses but less riveting. HOWEVER, it was pretty fun to watch the hues and shades evolve as I kept adding more random stuff on top of other stuff on top of other stuff, and it ended up being a combo I really dig. I feel like the Morgana Cryptoria reddy-bronze is, in most cases, suuuuper unflattering on me … but barricading it in with cool grey-blues makes it work!

And of course a fat matte black wing (say that ten times fast) can make almost anything look okay.

Got a favorite unexpected/unconventional color combo for blending or layering? Also, HOW WAS YOUR WEEKEND?