LOTRT : April 30

It’s MAY tomorrow, how on EARTH did that happen. Anyway, it’s hetting up here, and warm weather for some inexplicable reason makes me want to do Weird Stark Graphical Eye Makeup? Probably because it’s easier to repair if I get sweaty, which is a given. Anyway, check this slightly-odd yet very-simple shiz :


So the Wet N Wild eye primer is now giving me a little irritation, BOOOO, so I skipped primer. Instead, I used a long-wear sheer shimmer cream shadow smeared on from inner corner to tail of brow — this is Revlon ColorStay in 760 Earl Grey, which isn’t the greatest for “omg I want solid opaque silver, precisely placed” but IS great for a sheer wash of low-key glimmer.

THE TRICKY PART : a long tapered arc with double flick, just above and into your crease. I used Inglot AMC Gel Liner in 67, which is (so far) the best bright cobalt cream eyeliner I’ve found. The hardest thing about this is figuring out the proper placement … and then trying to mirror it on your other eye. :\ (I didn’t stress over it too much — I mean my eyes themselves aren’t perfectly symmetrical, so what can you do?)

For BONUS FUN, I filled in my brows with the same blue, and then hit the actual brow hairs with my matching Benefit They’re Real mascara in “Beyond Blue.” Pro Tip : when filling in brows with a non-brow-fill product, it can be kinda hard to get it onto your actual skin and not just clotted up in your brow hairs, and also to get it opaque. I use a combo of a softish angle brush plus a tiny liner brush … and I also do a lot of strokes backwards, or at least starting out by pushing the hairs backwards with the brush so that you get ’em out of the way and get the product onto your skin itself.

“Regular” liner is pretty minimal — a narrow line along the outer half of lids, plus a long skinny flick following the line of the blue.

Mascara, then cleanup, and then some matte taupe (ColourPop pressed shadow in Take The Lead, as usual) on the lower lid and pulled out into a shadow-wing, and that’s it!

WOO THAT’S PRETTY FUN. I kept everything else pretty neutral — nude-ish blush (Tarte “Exposed”), nude-ish lip (ColourPop Ultra Blotted in “Zuma”) so it wouldn’t feel like Too Much To Actually Wear Out Of The House.

Insert some kind of quip about “Festival Makeup” here if you must, but PLEASE NOTE THE ABSENCE OF ACTUAL GLITTER. (Which is rare for me, I know.) (Okay fine, my nails are glittery, as alwayyyyys.)

Tell me ’bout yer makeup, or the last time you made your eyebrows an abnormal color <3