LOTRT : April 23

Hey, it’s just another Makeup Monday. Wish it was Sunday, because that’s my fun day I’m exhausted and it’s Shark week. LET’S GET INTO IT ANYWAY.


It is simplicity itself, really — I used four products here but you could do it with two!

PRIMER, WHO NEEDS IT. Not me, because I’m using shit that wears like gangbusters without it :

All over lid and smoothly faded up past crease, a soft matte sage green. I used Dolce & Gabbana Perfect Mono Cream shadow in “Sage.” Sephora apparently no longer carries these although Saks still has some, but if you’re inclined to hunt one down on eBay, I’ll just say that I have two and ADORE them, dove grey “Elegance” is my fave shadow maybe ever (def my most-used), and that despite being a couple years old and frequently opened/used both of mine are still A+. (They look a bit drier than when brand new, but they still apply and wear beauuuutifully.)

Anyway, smooth that shit out. If you need additional browbone highlight or something to blend your sage into, a matte nude is optional there. (I used CP pressed shadow in Hear Me Out, as usual.)

THEN, a nice sharp wing that travels inward and fades into your sage on the lid, plus adds a bit of crease definition. You could prolly use a powder shadow + primer or whatever for this, but I used my (also old, and discontinued, I think) YSL Effet Faux Cils cream liner in Jade Black, which is basically a creamy matte black base with a load of lovely forest green pearl. I bought this because — here’s one from the Wayback Machine — I was so in love with NARS’ “Night” series, specifically black-with-green-pearl Night Porter, but it performed like shit for me. Bad adhesion, fallout GALORE, creases like a mofo. This YSL, on the other hand, is marvelous. I’ve got the navy-pearl Sea Black as well, and the plain black matte was my HG liner for a few years!

Anyway, I just pulled some of the liner across and scuffed it into the sage, then scuffed some sage back over it. That gradient was, as usual, much smoother-looking IRL than it seems here (as usual, sigh).

If whatever greeny-black product you’re using for that part is hard to get a sharp line with, you can hit the lower edge of your wing with a black liner stylo, as I did here. Then mascara, then cleanup, then scuff some more of the same matte sage on the lower lid and pull that out into a shadow-wing. And it’s done!

I like this because it’s very GREEEEEEEEN, but also the dark and kinda low-key shades make it not quite as shouty as it would be with emerald or lime. You could pair this with a nude/sheer lipstick, or something dark and dramatic like brick or wine, and it probably wouldn’t be too fighty. I’m not showing a whole ~look~ here because Retin-A Micro is doing its thing and I just did not have it in me to photoshop out an entire face-worth of flakes today. :(

TELL ME ABOUT YOUR MAKEUP. Or your weekend! <3