LOTRT : April 2

Today’s Look of the Recent Timeframe is ULTRA CRAZY AND BRIGHT AS HELL, except it’s totally not because April Fool’s A Day Late. Is there a post-holiday-day suffix term equivalent to “Eve”? There should be. Morrow, maybe? Happy April Fool’s Morrow.


Ooooo, low-key graphic neutrals! First, primer, ideally one with a tint that evens out your lids’ skintone a little (especially if they’re like mine and unpleasantly translucent and also slightly discolored from Lash ‘Roids).

All over lid up to browbone, a matte neutral that more or less matches your skintone. I think I used ColorPop pressed powder shadow in “Hear Me Out”?

Then just in crease and very slightly above it, a matte taupe-grey. This is ColourPop pressed in “Take The Lead.”

THEN, allllll over the whole shebang, a light wash of shimmer. I used two from that dopey e.l.f. x Christian Siriano eye palette I bought, which I’ve actually been using A TON — a dusting of the golden shade on lid and crease, and a dusting of the big-well light pinky-champagne shimmer above crease and to browbone.

Liner is a narrow straight wing, with a gap beneath and then another skinny parallel wing-line.

THEN, in the gap left between the two wings, fill in a little if needed. I used NARS Eye Paint in Porto Venere — which is kinda like my skintone but just a bit lighter — and a tiny liner brush to fill in that area, crisp up the edges of the black, and make it stand out a little more.

Under eyes is just a long low smudge-wing of taupe (I think this is that Givenchy Taupe Velours cream shadow I use alllll the time). Also hit the inner portions of your lower lids with your light pearly shimmer (I do this because the shape of my eyes usually makes the traditional Inner Corner Highlight look weird as hell). Easy peasy! Goes with everything!

I paired this shiz with a nude-ish blush (Tarte in “Exposed”), I think that same light pinky-champagne shimmer e.l.f. shadow as a highlighter (maybe it’s supposed to be highlighter? IDK), and Burberry Lip Velvet in Oxblood which JUST HAPPENS to be a spot-on match for my stuffed squid :

KINDA SUMMERY, right? The squid’s name is either Bunny or Cthu-la-la depending on my mood.