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Good Or Nah?

You know what’s super fun [to me]? Trying a new makeup brand you’ve never even heard of. And so today, we have a quartet of eyeshadows from YABY! Which I’m assuming is pronounced to rhyme with GABBY! Tell me if I’m wrong!


It’s a brand developed by a Toronto makeup artist, and via their own site they ship to Canada and the U.S. I found them on CameraReadyCosmetics, which carries a lot of brands that — like this one — are primarily marketed to professional makeup artists and the like. Maybe their most notable point of differentiation is that the majority of their products (shadows, blushes, lip colors) are available primarily as refills, in little metal pans, on the assumption that you’ll pop them into a magnetic palette. ALSO, a lot of their pans are muuuuuch smaller than the norm — this is maybe annoying if you plan to use the same taupe eyeshadow every day for a year, but probably great if you’re a pro who travels a lot and wants to cram as many colors as possible into as small a kit as possible. ANYWAY, let’s look :

Shown next to a ColourPop pressed powder shadow — I think that’s Tea Garden? — for scale. WOW THESE ARE SMALL. They’re 15.5mm, about the size of a dime, and no, they’re not deeper/thicker than traditional pans. From what I can garner via their website images, lip color pans are also this teensy size, and it looks like their blush pans are more like standard-eyeshadow-pan size. Cost-wise, they’re reasonable but not like “omg amazing value” : standard eyeshadows are $3.85 at Yaby and $4 at CRC; the ones I got are all “Pearl Paint” shadows and are $4.85 each at Yaby and $5 at CRC. Blushes are $14.85 ea, lip colors are $5.85. They do also offer some prefab palettes of eye / lip / face things, as well as a variety of empties. Which, those magnetic palettes with individual wells would be very tempting for me … except that they come in 15.5, 20, and 30mm pan sizes, and most pressed powder shadows (CP, MAC, ABH, MUG, etc) are 26mm. :(


The problem (okay one of the potential problems) with shopping relatively obscure makeup brands is that it’s a LOT harder to find swatch photos online. And no, Yaby does not swatch all their own stuff, boooooo. So I pretty much just rolled the dice on four random shades : from left, Emerald Sea, Pink Diamond, Platinum, and Eggplant. On their website (and CRC’s), the pan shot of Emerald Sea looked deeper, cooler, greyer and more dusty/murky; Pink Diamond is decidedly not the peachy-pink sparkle I was expecting. The other two are pretty true, tho.

yaby eyeshadow, emerald sea

yaby eyeshadow, pink diamond

yaby eyeshadow, platium

yaby eyeshadow, eggplant


Aside from being tiny (like, not much bigger than my fingertip), they’re just fine! All four feel nicely dense and velvety, and they deposit color pretty well. I’d class all of them as “metallic” rather than pearl or sparkle, and like many metallic shadows, you can get slightly different effects applying them dry (more diffused shimmer) or damp (more dense and strongly metallic). The two light shades also do well in a “light dusting” application, to add just a veil of shimmer over other colors. They also combine nicely with other stuff, both shimmer and matte, and they blend out smoothly. All four applied fine on their own but of course went on much more opaquely over primer, shown here left on bare skin, right over primer, and in two kinds of indoor light and then full sunlight :

Yaby eyeshadow swatches : platium, emerald sea, pink diamond, eggplant.

Yaby eyeshadow swatches : platium, emerald sea, pink diamond, eggplant.

Yaby eyeshadow swatches : platium, emerald sea, pink diamond, eggplant.

Platinum is a pretty standard-issue silver metallic. Emerald Sea is sadly not the Deep Ocean Murk shade I was hoping for but is still a damn fine green. Pink Diamond mostly reads as “warm golden” on me — it appears much pinker in the sunlight photo than it looks in most indoor lighting situations. Eggplant is PURPLE AS ALL GETOUT, so if you’re desperate for a shimmery purple shadow for five bucks, hey. I also used that one in the LOTRT for February 5th! (Yeah, I’ve had these for quite a while and just hadn’t gotten around to really messing with all of them yet.)


Quite nicely! On their own, they do tend to crease on my oily lids after a few hours as most pressed powder shadows do, but on the whole, all four are solid performers. With primer, the wear is perfectly A-OK and what I usually get from other decent-to-good pressed shadows. Also — always noteworthy — they don’t irritate my dumb tetchy eyelids. Here’s that earlier LOTRT using Eggplant, plus a couple half-assed ~looks~ showing the other colors combined with a few matte shades (CP pale nude Hear Me Out, grey taupe Take The Lead, black Let’s Do It) :

THE VERDICT : Pretty good! Honestly these likely won’t ever be my first choice, primarily because they’re so small, and why not just get a much larger CP or MUG shadow for about the same price? On the other hand, the Pearl Paints come in 40 shades and the standard eyeshadows come in 80 shades, so that’s A LOTTTT of colors to choose from. DO YOU NEED THESE? If you travel a lot and/or have zero makeup storage space but want allllll the colors? Then they’re a solid option! Good pigmentation, good performance, equally good wet/dry. YAY.

TRIED ‘EM? Fan of tiiiiiny makeup or nah? DISCUSS. <3