Investigating New Shiz : New Purple, New Aerosol


Today’s post has TWO PHASES, oooo. Phase one : I recently recolored my hair. The last few times, it’s been kind of a dusky violet-leaning navy blue, and I’m ready to go a bit more purple with it. In a late-night moment of general discombobulation induced, as usual, by the combination of tiredness and Amazon-ian choice paralysis, I forgot the name of the hair color brand I kinda like. (It’s One n Only Perfect Intensity, why the hell didn’t I just look in my previous orders?) So I just searched “purple hair dye” and oh heeeey, Punky Color! Man I haven’t used that shit in like twenty years! This color is called just “purple,” screw it, it’s bound to be fine.

[Side note : this might be a little disjointed, as I’m having trouble concentrating because Chuck is standing in his metal trash can and barking and doing his very poor impression of my burr grinder, and it’s hilaaaaarious.] [“What’re you doin’? PRRTPTPTPTPTPTPTDDDBTPTBP. Woooo! Roof.”]

On the left is my Big Jar O’ Color, which is much like a medieval soup pot in that I just keep adding shit to it over time. I figure this is a good way to get smooth transitions between dye jobs, so I have less of the “wow the top four inches of your hair have faded to plum while the rest is muddy cobalt” issue. The mix is currently mostly Pulp Riot in deep blue Midnight and pewtery Chrome, plus some Manic Panic Raven black and god knows what else. I had about 6-8 ounces or so in there, so I figured getting a bright true purple and adding 3 ounces or so would lean it more plummy without going “WHOA, PURPLLLLE.”

That did not happen.

Because the Punky Color “Purple” turns out to be actually more of a mauve-magenta shade and not really “purple” at all. ALSO, usually when I add in a big blorp of intense color to my mix (which, remember, also contains a lot of silver and black dye to desaturate it a bit), there’s a very obvious color change. I dumped in almost the whole 3.5oz jar of this Alleged Purple, though, and … my Big Jar O’ Color looks pretty much the same. And to add insult to injury — or at least dismay to disappointment — this shit smells precisely like grape Bubble Yum. Which, if I were still ten, I’d be ecstatic. As it is, having my hair smell like the underside of a middle-schooler’s desk for two days was Not At All Cool. Since this is kind of a general Hairball post and also kind of a Good Or Nah, let’s have …

THE VERDICT : NAH-ish. Punky Color is … not my fave, based on this shade at least. I can’t believe it didn’t shift my dye batch more strongly, and also the smell is raaaaaaaank.

PHASE TWO of the Great Hair Post Of April Eleventh is : as previously discussed in these metaphorical pages, I adore Aveda’s Pure Abundance hairspray. Like, I’ve used that stuff almost exclusively since it came out over a decade ago. Great hold, non-sticky, not crunchy, smells lovely. However! I initially mostly loved it because it (and the conditioner from the same line) DO actually make my hair look/feel a little thicker and more voluminous without making it look/feel “dirty.” This is a huge help when my hair is just dyed black, since in its virgin/semi-virgin state, it tends to be depressingly fine, lank, and straight. But in its multi-bleached condition, I don’t really need the help on the texture front … so maybe something else would offer better performance in the INSANE levels of humidity around here? Maybe an aerosol would provide better coverage and thus better curl/style retention?

And thus we have this big honking can of Salon Grafix hairspray, which I purchased from Target for like $5.59, because it said “SUPER HOLD” and equally important “UNSCENTED” and it had a lot of very positive ratings and reviews … which I don’t trust, because “I like it!” and “seems fine so far” provide me with zero helpful information. Anyway, I figured it was worth a shot, plus the Aveda stuff is like $22 and that’s like fifteen dollars I could spend on a lipstick or a fancy cocktail, you know?

“Humidity resistant, never sticky.” WE SHALL SEE. Here’s a BEFORE shot :

And another one, I’m in a hurry and didn’t have time to airbrush out the DELIGHTFUL red spot right between my damn eyes, ugh.

I’ll update later vis-a-vis how this shiz holds up. <3

GOT HAIR PROBLEMS? Got a fave hairspray? Tell meeeeee.