[AIRHORN] IT’S THE WEEKEND. Time to yak about random shit! Firstly, I feel semi-obligated to bring up the fact that Amy Schumer vehicle / ode to narrative confusion and mixed messages I Feel Pretty has been in theaters for a week now, and this piece in The Atlantic sums up neatly the irritation, frustration, and mild revulsion I felt when watching the trailer. The author’s mention of Dove’s marketing campaigns in recent years is apt — this is yet another instance of slapping feel-good buzzwords on the same old schlock. When you frame your perspective in the language of body-positive feminism but actually show the perspective of fat-shaming mockery, you’ve essentially made body-positive feminism the joke. What’s the moral of this story supposed to be? That if you want to feel happy and confident in your appearance but you don’t fit into the accepted [very narrow] range of Contemporary Western Beauty Standards, your only option is something that induces a dissociative disorder? Okey dokey. :(

While we’re on the subject of Film : if you take the medium seriously enough to refer to it as capital-F italicized Film, you may be familiar with Lindsay Ellis, whose YouTube channel features a lot of really interesting and [relatively] in-depth examinations of movies/pop culture/etc through the lens of Film Theory or Feminist Studies or Other Serious Contemporary Modes Of Thought. I enjoyed the hell out of her seven-part series applying the basic tenets of film theory/film studies to … Michael Bay’s Transformers movies. :D She also did a three-part series on Why The Hobbit Trilogy Is Mostly Shitty (I’m paraphrasing there) which I agree with in 100% of its particulars.

Wow we went from Downer to Hilarity pretty abruptly there. Apropos of nothing at all, have a picture of this magnificent thing I saw on the street the other day :

Is it a vintage suburban hearse? Is it a stretch station wagon for when the Little League has prom? I’m dubbing it a Wagousine and honestly I kind of want one now.

IN SALAD NEWS (you knew there would be salad news), I made this, which was FANTASTIC and you should definitely make it too :

IT IS, chopped romaine and radicchio (tho honestly, the radicchio was a little too bitter here – in a redo, I’d use a mix of romaine and maybe butter lettuce or red-leaf or something else really mild), plus thin-sliced celery, a few tangelo sections, sliced avocado, long thin slices of zucchini cooked (grill pan or Foreman grill type thing) in a little olive oil and salt and pepper, and tilapia fillets briefly marinated in olive oil, soy sauce, lemon juice, sea salt, and cracked pepper, then also grill-pan-or-whatevered. NEW FAVE.

WEEKEND PLANS are to get some damn work done, and have a beer or two, and possibly watch a Really Terrible Movie (we watched  The Lost Boys the other night, which neither of us had seen in decades and … man it does NOT hold up. Otoh, it is hilariously awful, and there was much derisive laughter). HOW ‘BOUT YOU? <3