WOW this day just totally got away from me (maybe because Friday the Thirteenth??) — I went down another rabbit hole of looking up ingredients while adding another forty-one foundations [UPDATE : now another sixty-three!] to the Great Big Foundation Spreadsheet, omg. Almost done adding all the stuff from Ulta, woo! I really hope this is useful for someone besides me…but if it’s not, screw it, I kinda enjoy making spreadsheets? WOO, SPREADSHEETS.


Yes I made another salad, and yes it had rotisserie chicken in it I KNOWWWWWWW other proteins exist, I swear to god the next one will have shrimp or something :

It feels like I already posted this one buuuuut I can’t find it, so. Anyway, MANGO AND YELLOW BELL PEPPER and arugula and a shit ton of curly parsley which I REALLY dig as a “salad green” because it’s so punchy and peppery and bitter (it goes nicely with arugula!). Also I should get bonus points for these cool-ass Wilton Armetale [pewter-alloy] plates circa 1970 which are great for salads because you can CHILL THEM! And we had leftover mango and yellow bell pepper, which I subsequently put on …

A Damn Fine Turkey Burger (also with extra-sharp cheddar, worcestershire, romaine, and ketchup because I am five years old and can’t eat a burger without it. Also, I’ve discovered that blending ground turkey with olive oil, worcestershire, egg yolks, and Cavender’s All-Purpose Greek Seasoning makes a solid burger. Maybe not as greasily-satisfying as ground sirloin, but I’ll still take it. (The bf does not eat things that moo or oink.)

IN STILL OTHER NEWS which is totally not news, I made a bunch of nail polish because I’m alllllways making nail polish, and this one’s partially-mixed macro shot is pretty amaze, so here ya go :

IDK, I really enjoy when macro shots of stuff end up looking like crazy alien landscapes seen from two miles up? ALSO, it is now 100% definitely spring here, and look at this nice set o’ clouds :

IN FUTURE NEWS, stuff that’ll be making an appearance here soonish : a new-to-me powder foundation, yet another new deodorant (this one’s kind of a Double Take!), a REAL GOOD and pretty-new facial cleanser (I go through a lot of cleanser, apparently?), some fairly bonkers eye makeup, and whoooo knooooooows what else. Got anything you want to see / explore / talk about? Just tell me!