Double Take : Schmidt’s!

A couple of months ago, our beloved Kelly took us along on her ARMPIT JOURNEY and talked about her fave natural deodorant — Schmidt’s. I don’t personally have any allergies or reactions to antiperspirant ingredients, but I do prefer deodorant-only products for a number of reasons. So her rave review obviously compelled me to pick up a stick of this stuff in my last Target order. LET’S TAKE ANOTHER LOOK.


Nothing! But they’re not my preference. When it’s at all hot or even just Kinda Warm, I sweat like a pre-season Tampa Bay linebacker (and even more on my face, ugh). “Regular” antiperspirants result in “lol nice try,” while my foray into “hardcore” antiperspirants (Bliss Gobi Stick, which I believe is discontinued and good riddance) resulted in irritated red rashy weepy armpits. Oh god it was super duper unpleasant. So for me, damp underarms are something I categorize as A Battle Not Worth Fighting.

Also, my own anecdotal evidence/experience suggests that I maybe sweat slightly less overall when I avoid antiperspirants — like they’ll prevent sweat in normal/coolish conditions, but if it’s super hot or I’m exerting myself? Ha ha NOPE. With deodorant-only products, it seems [via my very unscientific observations] like “slightly moist” is normal but “sweating buckets” isn’t nearly as likely to occur. Are my underarms desperately trying to rid themselves of a waxy aluminium-laden antiperspirant coating? Are they just being contrary because they know I’m trying to stop them from sweating? I don’t know! YMMV! Anyway, I switched to deodorant-only products yeaaaars ago and never looked back. Dermalogica Environmental Control was my one and only for over a decade…and they just discontinued it. :( So I was delighted to see Kelly’s enthusiasm for this one!


It’s a pretty standard twist-up oval stick in a standard plastic tube with cap — though Schmidt’s also has most of their formulas available in a cream-in-a-jar format as well (I’m with Kelly on that — “ew”). The ingredients also a variation on the “standard” for natural/non-antiperspirant deos :

Ingredients : Maranta arundinacea (arrowroot) powder, Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), caprylic/capric triglyceride (fractionated coconut oil), euphorbia cerifera (candelilla) wax, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, magnesium hydroxide, natural fragrance, carbo activatus (activated charcoal), natural fragrance, tocopherol (vitamin E).

So basically this has ingredients to adjust the pH of the skin’s surface and otherwise prevent the growth of potentially odor-causing microorganisms, and to absorb/neutralize/disguise odors (and possibly a small amount of wetness as well, though I don’t know how much effect  you’d get from your desiccant when it’s coated in oils?). The texture of the product is actually quite soft and melty — despite the directions to “hold product momentarily to skin to soften on contact with body heat,” IME this is 100% not necessary, unless maybe you store your deodorant in the refrigerator. (Which actually sounds vaguely appealing, now that I think about it.)

“Ooooo neato, it’s grey!” YEP! But when applied to the skin, it turns pretty much transparent, or at least translucent :


First off, yes, it does have a scent! The fragrance is pretty low-key, and I’d put it into the “light herbal-floral” category. It’s definitely not super feminine-perfumey — the BF picked it up, sniffed it, and announced “I could use this, right?” On the application front, I find that it applies easily … and maybe a little too easily. One or two swipes will rub off almost too much product onto my skin, and I find I kinda have to use my fingers to spread it around and really rub it in thoroughly. Which, yeah, it feels the tiniest bit gritty to the fingertips, but not during normal wear. One interesting thing to note is that, unlike the other deo-only products I’ve been using (and even some antiperspirant products, like Kiehl’s cream antiperspirant/deodorant in a tube), when I get this on my hands I can’t just do a quick rinse under the faucet. Probably because of the amount of coconut oil and shea butter in this, I have to actually wash my hands with soap to remove it. Which, that’s not really a deal-breaker, but in the getting-ready process it’s one more additional mildly-annoying step — which I absolutely MUST take before I put on any face gunk or makeup, because rubbing coconut oil directly on my acne-prone face is A Bad Idea.

Also relevant : while this is pretty invisible on the skin (at least on my quite pale skin), it’s not 100 transparent — if you rub it off onto something dark, you will get a faint gray smear :

It’s not nearly as stark-white and noticeable as when you rub off most white drugstore antiperspirants, but you can definitely clearly see it. It does seem to wash out easily with normal laundry detergent (and I use ~fancy~ gentler ones, not hardcore “get the kids’ ketchup and grass stains out” stuff like Tide and suchlike), but just keep this effect in mind if you’re planning to wear a sleeveless black dress to a formal event.


It does just fine! I’ve been using this pretty consistently for a couple of weeks now, and it seems to work just as well as my other usual products for stank-prevention. I don’t feel like I need to reapply it, either, to get through a whole day (and evening/night) so that’s a big plus. Overall I feel like this is a pretty solid performer, and at a suuuper reasonable price point compared to a lot of other “natural deo” options — they’re about $8.99 each on Amazon, where you can also find a variety pack of the Lavender + Sage, Cedarwood + Juniper, and Ylang-Ylang + Calendula scents for about $24.77 (this is suuuuper appealing to me personally). Target also has some of them, for about $5 each, but they don’t have the full range and their stock is smaller than the last time I checked, so it’s possible that they don’t stock these consistently. (Does Target stock ANYTHING consistently?) Will I repurchase? Maybe! I like the very mild non-shouty scent, I like the effectiveness, I like that it’s not giving me a weird rash or anything. I’m less crazy about the fact that I kinda need to rub it in with my fingers to remove ridges and clumps of product because it’s so soft, and the fact that I then have to wash my hands again afterwards.

Tried it? Gonna? Got a fave in this category? Tell me! <3