OOTRT : March 8

This week we’re back in the bathroom of my favorite bar, which is really the *only* bar I go to, because all the other Fine Drinking Establishments in this podunk hamlet are not, in fact, “fine” and more importantly they play shite music. ANYWAY, here’s a thing I wore, which I was super excited about because it’s probably one of the last times I’m going to be able to leave the house in jeans/boots/jacket without sweating until like …  November. :(

Jacket is the same Marrakech one I always wear, I KNOW, I KNOW, I never claimed to be an actual fashion blogger, okay? Just count yourselves lucky you’re not getting thirty consecutive weeks of What I Wore To Work, which, because I work from home and frequently with messy shit, is literally 100% of the time a pair of black or charcoal leggings and a black longsleeve tee. ZzzzzZZZZZzzzzzzz.

The jeans, however, have only been worn once before, because despite having some kinda cool twisty leg seams down the back and also pockets with a bow-like gathered detail, they are annoying as hell. They’re snug in the thighs but WAY loose in the waist, which means they require adjusting (i.e. one or more vigorous upward yanks) after appx every fifteen steps. (They’re Valentino Red and probably not available anymore, which is fine, because you do not want these. I only wore them because I felt bad about not wearing them. So wasteful! And maybe they’re lonely!) (Stop anthropomorphizing your clothes, Collier. They do not care.)

The top, however, is super cool and has the kind of Slightly Odd Details I live for. It’s a thin dense (almost felt-like?) merino knit, with a raw edge at the [very deep] neckline, large asymmetrical ribbed/textured patches at the sides, and odd gathered/twisted/mashed tubular construction at the sleeves and bottom hems. WEIRD. (It’s from rando Italian company Freesoul, which means of course I got it on Yoox.)

But my fave thing (wow this is maybe the longest OOTRT post I’ve ever done?) is this bracelet that I MADE, which is just a bunch of long spiky abalone pieces on a stretchy string, but it fit with the grey/black everything and I dig its Natural Yet Slightly Evil look :

Abalone is THE BEST because in addition to having that cool oil-slick color effect, it looks like Mother Of Pearl’s hoodlum school friend who used to smoke weed behind the bleachers and then went to some weird art school, idk I think she’s doing found-object sculpture in the Maldives now? And as a bonus (not really a bonus), the whole time I’m wearing it I’m constantly nervous that it’s gonna break bc I have no idea what I’m doing, jewelry-construction-wise. <3

Did you wear a fun thing? You should shaaaare iiiiit.