OOTRT : March 29

Ugh, spring. I mean YAY I guess but it’s also the advent of high humidity and even higher mosquito populations. But WHATEVER, I wore a DRESS.

“OOOOO AN ACTUAL DRESS” yeah yeah I knoooow. Anyway, said dress is BCBG, vaguely coordinating shoes are Poetic Licence, and the parts that aren’t zinnia-yellow are actually a blue ticking-stripe fabric and CUTE.

I’m particularly fond of the little flower-esque tufts at the end of the ties. SPRINGY. For real tho, this is one of my fave shoe brands — when they get out of the Muddy Earth Tones range, they do SUCH fun stuff, and really quite well-made, particularly for the price point.

Worn anything interesting lately? Tell the class all about it, please. <3