OOTRT : March 22

WOO hey last Saturday was St Patrick’s Day! And you know, I walked out of the house wearing this …

… WITHOUT EVEN REALIZING IT. Serendipitous! But also drab, like I’m deliberately half-assing it, which is serendipitously exactly what I would’ve done if I had deliberately dressed for the occasion. I am now calling this shade of green Deliberate Serendipity, or “Deliberipity” for short.

Oh look it’s the same Genetic jeans I wear like half the time I’m wearing jeans, plus a [BELOVED] jacket I got from Anthro ages ago, some pretty boss Givenchy heels, and a tee whose cool black neck beading you can’t see here that I got on sale for like ten bucks at Ann Taylor.

TELL US ‘BOUT YOUR OUTFIT(s). Anyone else trying to sartorially cope with Weird Transitional Weather?