LOTRT : March 5

Today’s Look of the Recent Timeframe is an ode to dramatic eye looks, because 1) I love dramatic eye looks and 2) my face is still/again in the throes of Retin-A Micro Freakout and I did NOT feel like piling on a full face o’ slap on top of all these damned flakes, ugh. LET’S GET TO IT.


Primer. You’re gonna need it.

On browbone and down to crease, a matte that more or less matches your skintone. Mine’s ColourPop pressed powder in “Hear Me Out.”

In crease and blended up into your nude, whatever works as a “grey not too much darker than your skin.” I used my beloved D&G Perfect Mono cream shadow in “Elegance,” which is probably the one eye shadow I’d hang onto for dear life if you made me ditch my whole stash. (Also, I swear that light-grey-to-nude gradient looked much nicer IRL.)

Blended up into the lightest grey, a deeper grey. Yeah, we’re going for a grey to black gradient (graydient?) (SORRY) here, so blending can get a lil tricky if you don’t have exactly the right colors in exactly the right formulas. However, if you DO have patience, pretty good brushes, and some measure of skill with them, you can get a pretty okay result. I should also note here — well, I should’ve noted earlier, really — that if grey-to-black isn’t your jam, you could render this exact same thing in warmer tones, like shades of neutral browns. But grey is MY jam in a huge way, so I used (in addition to the D&G), Nars Eye Paint in “Transvaal,” Givenchy Ombre Couture in “Gris Organza,” Starry Prism cream shadow in black, and ColourPop “Let’s Do It.”

ANYWAY. Continuing on with this particular gradient, a super dark grey on the upper part of your mobile lid, and then straight-up black on the lid itself. Note I kinda dragged all these out into something like a “wing”? Also note : keep all your grey and nude shadows at hand, because you WILL have to keep going over parts of the gradient again and freaking again with lighter/darker/nude/whatever to get them smooth and even, ugh.

Now for the part that’s even trickier than the gradient, or it least it was for me, because I don’t have ten thousand eye products in every formula and shade imaginable, and I also don’t have Legit Makeup Artist skillz : That turquoise bit. I knew I wanted a narrow bright turquoise line, but I also wanted it to *also* gradient up into the black. I tried just using the turquoise product itself — you want something that can be easily applied OPAQUE without a lot of fussy blending, obvs, so I used my 3INA cream shadow — but it was too bright to blend smoothly into the black over such a small area.

SO. Get a small dense pointed shader brush, and a [preferably powder] shadow that’s in the same fam as your Bright Highlight Color shade but a lot deeper. Buff a bit of that [in this case] deep turquoise into your black for a smooth fade, THEN top it with a brushed/dabbed-on line of your Bright Highlight Color.

After this, there’s a good chance you’ll have a Big Damn Mess going on under your eyes, especially at the outer corners, so clean that shit up or just smack some concealer over it, whatever, it’s going to be dark in the restaurant/bar and no one will notice.

Liner is applied to upper waterline, between lashes, and then a long straight VERY VERY THIN (you don’t want to obscure your Bright Highlight color!) line above lashes, and pulled out into a straight skinny wing. Then maybe (eye shape allowing) pull it back across in a lower-lid line, leaving a big gap at the outer corner … that you can now fill in with your Bright Highlight Color.

THEN, mascara! The great thing about a super dark crease like this is that it obscures accidental mascara bloops. :D Okay THEN, after you’ve done any unavoidable cleanup, go back and hot patch anything that needs it. I went back over my main black liner at top and bottom to crisp it up and fix any divots created by packing in the turquoise.

And then you’re done! Except for the rest of your face. The rest of my face is not shown here, because it’s covered only with A) evening primrose oil and B) a whole bunch of effing flakes.

WOO, but this was fun. Next time I think I’ll extended the darkest grey part upwards a bit for EVEN MORE DRAMA.

Your makeup. Show me it. (Or not! Just talk about your weekend! I make homemade pasta, ooooo!)