LOTRT : March 26

M is for Mondays and also Makeup AND ALSO MOD, so today’s LOTRT was inspired by “I kinda feel like drawing on my face” and also by “I’m running out of days where I’m going to be able to achieve and maintain a look that requires matte skin.” It’s a little different, but not THAT different.


It’s … kinda like a partially inverted version of the “normal” eyeshadow/liner application?

Primer is a good idea here, but I didn’t use any. LIVIN’ ON THE EDGE.

All over entire upper eye area, lashes to brows, a matte nude that matches your skin tone — you want a clean blank canvas.

TRICKY PART FIRST. You’ll need a black cream shadow that can apply with a crisp hard edge but also blend out pretty nicely. I used that absurdly cheap and absurdly good Starry Prism cream black (with sparse teeny flecks of silver glitter!) from ShopMissA, and I swear to god I love this shit so much and use it allllll the time.

With a fine-tipped brush that can generate a smooth line, draw on a round-cornered outer “shadow” shape. It should extend partway across your upper lid, riiiiiight in the crease, so that just a bit of it shows when your eye is open normally. Pull it down and around under the eye as well, but leave a gap below your lashline. I also followed the line of my “natural” undereye crease thing here.

Leave the lower “line” sharp, but scuff/scumble the black inward on the upper part, pulling it in and down onto your eyelid.

Then, to further smooth ‘n’ diffuse, go over the gradient area and into the “nude” area of the lid with a mid grey powder shadow — I used some ancient Givenchy monochrome charcoal quad I’ve had forever.

Use a tiny blending brush and scuff some of the grey onto your lower lashline as well, along the outer part. Then grab your matte nude again, and do a final smoothing of the gradient from nude to grey, pack on a little more to your inner eyelid area for contrast, and do the same to inner lower lashline. Here’s a fairly apropos black-and-white view of the lid gradient deal :

Then, mascara. Then, clean up your inevitable mess (mine actually wasn’t too bad this time, hallefreakinglujah). Then if needed, go back in with your black cream and touch up any areas (outer edges etc) that need to be STARK that you might’ve dusted some grey or nude shadow onto.

And you’re done! 

Okay pardon some overzealous airbrushing there. REAL TALK, I’m having some serrrrrious Retin-A flakes today, and I plan to do some manner of masque/treatment in a bit, so I knew I’d need to wash my makeup off first, so I did NOT wash my face before putting this shit on because lazy. Oh wow the flaaaaakes.

ANYWAY. Since this turned out kinda stark/mod, I paired it with just a bit of nude-for-me blush for some dimension (Tarte Exposed) and a super vibrant lipstick (Bite Amuse Bouche in Eggplant, which is BOSS AS HELL).

And then I made a weird face, THE END.

Tell me ’bout your makeupppppp. <3