LOTRT : March 19

WOO it’s Monday again, wow that happened fast. Let’s have a makeup :


It’s GOLD and MORE GOLD. Plus some other stuff. First, primer! I used Wet N Wild, duh.

Across mobile lid and pulled out into a straight wing thing, a SUPER CRAZY gold metallic/glittery thing — this is ColourPop “Telepathy” which I hope everyone owns because it’s boss as hell.

In crease, up toward browbone, and down onto the top edge of the CRAZY GOLD to soften/diffuse it a little bit, a more neutral low-key goldish shimmer. This is ColourPop [pressed powder shadow] “Game Changer,” which can look kinda green-toned when applied heavily, but brushed on lightly it reads as a pewtery champagne gold on me.

Liner is small yet interesting — between lashes, a narrow line above them on the outer 2/3 of the lid, and pulled out into a long low flick with a sorta swallowtail embellishment, ooooooo.

Mascara (Dinoplatz!) and cleanup, and then on lower lid a soft wing of matte taupe (I used my usual Givenchy Taupe Velours cream stuff), with some of the cool light gold brushed along the outer lower edge, and more heavily applied at inner parts of lower lids.

Wow that’s blurry as hell, but you get the general idea. This was both uncharacteristically warm-toned for me, so I paired it with a nude-ish blush (Tarte in Exposed) and a sheerish brownish lip thing (Lipstick Queen Saint in “Berry” which is 100% not a berry shade at all, but is a pretty great color and this is one of my all-time fave sheer lipstick formulas).

This swank-ass hair look is called “I took out the sock bun but my good brush was in the other room so screw it.”

You should tell me about your makeup. Or about your weekend! <3