LOTRT : March 12

HEY THERE MONDAY. This week’s Look Of The Recent Timeframe is inspired by “if there were mimes in Blade Runner” and also by the fact that I felt like doing something with oft-maligned white eyeshadow. LET’S GET THIS GOING.


First, be sure to be unsure what you want to do, and skip primer in lieu of a nude-for-your-skintone cream shadow. I used NARS Eye Paint in Porto Venere which is not all that great, and I keep forgetting that like ALL the shades of this stuff are so good … except this one. Oh well.

Decide that looks weird, and go over it with a cream white. I used the everybody’s-got-it NYX jumbo pencil in Milk. Draw a big wide swath across the lower part of your mobile lid, and pull it out into a long straight wing, then pat it with your finger to blend it in.

On top of that, add a sheerish shimmery white powder shadow — I used my beloved (hey I was INTO THIS in the early 2000s) elderly Tarte eyeshadow single in Valley of the Dolls, but you’ve probably got a good one in a palette, right? Anyway, pat that into your white cream, and also pull it up and out — into crease and beyond, at inner corners, out to the tail of your brows, and down a bit onto your upper cheekbone (it’s like eyeshadow and highlighter in one!).

NOW, liner : between lashes, a skinny line above them, and pull it out into a straight even wing with a squared off end. OOOOO, MOD. I won’t lie : to get this somewhere approaching “yeah, I can leave the house like this” territory, you’ll need three things : a good liner stylo/pen, steady hands, and a magnifying mirror.

Okay now, very carefully pat a white glitter/pearl flake shadow on top of all that, whilst trying to avoid your eyeliner. I did this last, because my white glitter is quite sheer (it’s ColourPop Super Shock in Tassel) and also because many liners will go all balky if you try to draw them on flaky glittery bits.

Under eye area is a wide diffused stripe o’ matte taupe (I used ColourPop pressed powder in Take The Lead) pulled out a little under your wing, and then a tiny bit of matte black scuffed up at the lashline, plus a low-key black pencil on the lower waterline. Add mascara and it’s done!

My favorite aspect of this — aside from its mod monochromatic fing — is how the layered white / white shimmer / white glitter gives an absolutely BLINDING highlight. Check this hot spot yo :

Anyway, since this was kind of AY LOT despite being tonally low-key, I kept the rest of my face pretty matte and chill — no blush, even! But then red lipstick because obvs. (This is Guerlain KissKiss in 328 Red Hot, which I loooooove, omg it’s so good.)

My bangs look really stringy and kinda dirty there and I don’t even know why.