So this week I happened across two skincare-related articles that made me roll my eyes sofuckinghard I felt the need to mention them here. First, this Lifehacker piece which purports to be both “essential” and “science-based,” and contains gems like “you should wash your face twice a day, derms say so” and “you should use moisturizer if your skin feels dry.” O RLY? Granted, it does have a few tidbits of legit info on surfactants, actives, etc, but tbh I was expecting something that wasn’t so … remedial? Sigh.

Even better was this Buzzfeed piece on How To Switch To Natural Deodorant, which sounds good until you come to DETOXING YOUR FUCKING ARMPITS WITH CLAY MASQUES, wtaf. First of all, the “rash” you might get when switching to a non-aluminum product is probably not from the aluminum leeching out of your skin, ffs. (I mean, if the presence of aluminium in/on your skin were a rash-causing issue, you would’ve gotten said rash WHEN USING the Al product, right? If there’s some other weird mechanism in play, you need to splain that shit.) In a lot of cases, you’re having a reaction to an ingredient in the new “natural” product you’ve started using — often baking soda is the culprit, if used in a concentration/pH that your skin can’t tolerate. Second, you should’ve addressed in like PARAGRAPH ONE the difference between deodorant (no Al) and antiperspirant (usually have Al). Also, this dermatologist you’re quoting who says ACV is maybe too harsh to put directly on your skin — yeah, true. But you then use that info to decide to decrease the amount of ACV you mix with your Aztec Clay Masque and can you please for the love of god visit LabMuffin to read about pH, ugh.

Anyway, please share my ragestroke! :)

IN OTHER NEWS, Season 2 of A Series Of Unfortunate Events hits Netflix today! I’m too old to’ve read the books as a kid, obvs, but the first season of this show was just DELIGHTFUL and Neil Patrick Harris is a goddamn national treasure.

IN STILL OTHER NEWS. So blah blah blah, my skin sucks, acne boo hiss, so many problem ingredients in everything. Pretty much all of my current-rotation concealers turned out to contain Bad Shit (usually cyclomethicones) AND — more importantly — I’m getting low on my favorite foundation (Guerlain Lingerie de Peau). Plus, you know, I keep seeing new stuff released to glowing reviews and hmm, can I use that? And then I look up the ingredients, and mentally classify it as a “maybe” or a “HELL NO” … and then I forget. And I have to look it up again. And also, I know I’m not the only one doing the “I would like to cover my flaws” and “can you please not include ingredients that give me MORE flaws” juggle — and so, I have made a spreadsheet! You can find it [publically viewable but not editable] right here! It’s a work in progress, but so far it contains EVERY FOUNDATION ON SEPHORA, and includes the brand, product name, price, number of shades, full ingredient list (yes, even if I had to search elsewhere — the mfg site, CosDNA, Beautypedia, etc — to find it) and a quick-reference column labeled “:(” with a YES if it contains an ingredient that I know or suspect is acnegenic, or a ? if it’s got ingredients I’m unsure about.

NOW, CAVEATS : this list only includes liquid/stick/cream formulas (no powder foundations). Also, I ditched anything that’s billed primarily as a BB/CC cream. Also, I ditched anything that I knew or suspected was discontinued. Also, the ingredients I suspect are problematic for me might DIFFER from the ones you have issues with! My “uh-oh, probably bad” list is : Cyclomethicone (and its variants/synonyms cyclopentasiloxane and cyclohexasiloxane), silicone, stearic acid, myristic acid, coconut oil. Also probably/maybe bad : Polysilicone-9 or -11, some variants or esters of stearic and myristic acids.

In the coming days/weeks/whenever I have time, I’m going to A) add all the foundations from Ulta, Beautylish, etc, which aren’t already here, B) bold the ingredients that I think are acne-problematic, C) add another section or page for concealers (and maybe powder formulas or primers?), and D) whatever else occurs to me as a good/helpful idea. Anyway, feel free to view, copy and paste into your own spreadsheet and sort by brand or price or :( or whatever!

AND FINALLY, I made this salad :

Arugula, romaine, sliced radishes, red bell pepper, mango, and goat cheese, with rotisserie chicken (again) because I’m lazy (still), and a dressing of honey / fresh grated ginger / lemon / olive oil / I forget what else. It! Was! Amazing! ALSO, we made this pizza :

And yes I put STRAWBERRY SLICES on part of my half, along with turkey pepperoni and diced red peppers. Mostly I just did it to fuck with the BF, who is Extremely Serious about pizza, but you know what, it ended up being pretty effing good. Except for the fact that strawberries are apparently Nature’s Thermos and they hold enough freaking heat to scald the SHIT out of your mouth.

TELL ME ‘BOUT YOUR WEEK. Or your weekend! Or whatever! <3