Retinoid Updateoid And Other News

So I figured it was time to check in with the Retin-A Micro progress, which is … kinda micro, and currently sort of in retrograde? It’s been one month since I started, which is juuust about the usual duration of skin’s renewal cycle — if you’re in your 20s or 30s. I’m 45, so that period is probably maybe a bit longer for me, like five to six weeks instead of four? I don’t know, I’m hoping that’s the case because while my Retin-A-induced dryness and flaking have mostly subsided (except for around the corners of my mouth, oddly) (??) (but it’s subsided even with me not buffering or layering it with oils or serums), the occasional “purging” continues apace, UGH.

Pictured : “are you serious rn.”

While this shiz started making my skin feel smoother basically overnight (wow!), it’s also been consistently inconsistent on the breakout front (boooo!). I’ll have a few days of “holy cow, my skin actually looks really good [except for the flakes]” annnnnnd then I wake up the next day with a bunch of weird zits. Sometimes it’s a bunch of tiny shallow ones around my jawline (where I frequently get tiny breakouts anyway), and sometimes it’s a few Kinda Big Icky Cysts on my cheeks (which is where I usually get KBIC). Yesterday I woke up to a nice new set of those … to further augment the ones that cropped up late last week. WTF, face goo? Why hast thou forsaken me?

Pictured : traitor. Don’t sit there looking all innocent. I know how you play.

The good news : due to the retinoid-acceleration of skin-cell turnover, gnarly breakouts *do* heal much faster than normal, and also I’m [hopefully] approaching the end of my skin’s renewal cycle, which means [hopefully] I’ll see some serious improvement and fewer flare-ups soon. In the meantime, I’ve also resumed using my Skinoren/azelaic acid cream daily to help combat this bullshit — but I’m using it during the day, because I discovered that layering these two products at night yields a greater-than-usual (for azelaic) amount of stinging, and also OH GOD THE ITCHING.


Are you historically unaccustomed to having a cat around? If so, are you now frequently in situations wherein a cat is around? If so, you should know that evidently some of them like to get right up under your feet, but not touch you or make any noise, so that they basically turn into Stealthy Living Tripwires. However, if you quickly turn around in the kitchen to, say, turn off a stove burner and put the slightest amount of pressure upon the Stealthy Living Tripwire with your foot, it will let out a HORRIBLE ALARM noise even though no actual injury has befallen it, and you will panic and in a flailing, heart-thumping effort to regain your balance but also avoid mauling the Stealthy Living Tripwire, you will put your hand right down on the goddamn m-f-ing burner.

Pictured : medium-rare with a nice sear.


I don’t usually delve into Serious Stuff here — not because I don’t have strong opinions on political / ethical / social issues, but because this is supposed to be a fun place where we can take a break from the nightmare bog-slog of current events. However! It’s been interesting watching the developments in the ongoing and suddenly much more pervasive public debate about sexism, gender, misogyny, and all its myriad related topics. I feel like there’s progress being made — particularly in areas (and from people) where we don’t usually expect any progress, but there’re also a few contingents who seem hell-bent on informing us that even if we are feminist-ing to the best of our abilities, we’re still doing it wrong. Are you worried that you’re Doing It Wrong? I’m constantly worried that I’m Doing It Wrong. So the following artsy bits are for me, and for you, and for anyone else who feels like displaying a manifestation of Woo Feminism I Hope I Got It Right This Time upon their person/wall/phone case/any other customizable object on offer in the PrettySuperb RedBubble shop :

Are you feelin’ the LADY POWER?

But are your opinions MISGUIDED AND BAD?

But do you even CARE?

I care, but I’m still gettin’ a shirt of this. <3

ARE YOU ON RETIN-A MICRO? Is it seriously messing with you? Have you stomped on a cat lately? DISCUSS.