Quarterly Retrospective Mk IV

The end of this month marks not only the end of another quarter (on the PrettySuperb calendar, anyway) but also the end of our FIRST FULL YEAR, whoa. So here, sliiiightly after the actual date but still within Celebratory Range, is our fourth Quarterly Retrospective — a little rundown of the products that were “omg real good” when first tried, and still “omg real good” beloved :


CosRX Low pH Good Morning Cleanser : All-round fantastic. Makes my skin feel truly clean but not dried out, takes off makeup with ease, has a bunch of skin-friendly (and anti-acne!) ingredients like kudzu extract, allantoin, tea tree oil and evening primrose oil, doesn’t irritate my Retin-A-Micro flake-fest skin. It’s currently $13.98/5.1oz on Amazon but was around $10 when I bought it there, so keep an eye out — but lemme tell ya, it’s FER SHURE worth fourteen bucks. Current favorite cleanser period, love the bright earthy evergreen-y scent, will 100% repurchase.

Now Evening Primrose Oil : Tied with squalane for Fave Face Grease. Super high linoleic acid / low oleic acid, so it’s great for oily or acne-prone skin, and with a hefty dose (one of the highest!) of anti-inflammatory gamma-linoleic, it’s both a great hardcore moisturizer and breakout-friendly. Plus at about $12.49/4oz on Amazon, it’s wallet-friendly as well. I use it at night, I use it under makeup, and since it’s fragile I keep the main bottle in the fridge and decant teeny bits into an empty Lash ‘Roid dropper for the bathroom counter. ADORE.


A2O Lab Single Eyeshadows : I honestly had low expectations for these cheap-as-hell shadow singles, and was very pleasantly surprised. Good texture, good adhesion, real good performance! The great news is that they’re just $2.50 each at ShopMissA.com; the only bad news is the [currently?] rather limited shade range — they’re heavy on the nudes and neutrals. (Note that AOA Studio’s Wonder Baked shadows and highlighters are also A+, and just one dollah each, what.)

Wet N Wild PhotoFocus eyeshadow primer : Sometimes you buy a thing at the drugstore fully expecting it to be trash, and it exceeds your expectations and then some. Not only does this stuff perform as well as UD Primer Potion for me vis-a-vis improving shadow adhesion, opacity, and crease-proof wear, it does so without giving me the eye-watering stinging and irritation! And it’s like five bucks! At Ulta, Walgreens, or basically every drugstore everywhere! WOO.


Shea Moisture Sacha Inchi conditioner : I don’t need to once more tell y’all what kind of state my bleach-abused hair is in. (Bad. Its condition is “bad.”) I bought this here glop on a lark during a perambulation around my local drugstore because it 1. was from a brand that’s notably free of silicones and other garbagey stuff, 2. was like eleven bucks so why not, and 3. actually smelled pretty good! BEHOLD, IT IS A MIRACLE. It’s better than the Aveda conditioners (and masques!) I’ve tried. It’s better than various formulations from R+Co. It’s better (gasp!) than John Masters Organics Lavender Avocado. My hair feels like hair again! It needs very little product to accomplish this! And at about $11.49 at Ulta and $11.99 at Walgreens for 13oz, it’s also astonishingly inexpensive for something so good. Is your hair super dry, super damaged, or both? Trust me just this one time and try it.


Lancaster Steel Pint Glasses : I got these as a gift for the bf, and they’ve been a continuously appreciated smash hit. Keep your beer (or whatever) cold for a frankly amazingly long time, no sweating, unshatterable, and they just feel so nice in your hand! They’re $56 for a set of four at Amazon, or $16 each if you just want to test-drive, and I’m told by a reliable source (hi Irish! <3) that the similarly-constructed coffee mugs ($18.99 for two) are equally fantastic. Plus I mean who doesn’t love shiny silvery things?


Nailtiques 2 ($9.59 at Amazon right now), which I cannot (WILL NOT) live without.

Aveda Pure Abundance Hairspray ($22 at Aveda.com), you’re still the bestest.

Dinoplatz Mascara ($17.49 at Amazon), I love you forever.

YSL Glossy Stains ($36 at Sephora), look of a gloss but way better wear, and something I still reach for.

Cacala Peshtemals ($12 and up on Amazon), you dramatically improved both my skin-drying and my laundry.

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HEY this is also your open thread, so gab away! About your own favorites, weekend plans, whateverrrrrrr. Thanks for being here, peeps! I HEARTS YOU ALL.