OOTRT : February 8

Today’s Outfit of the Recent Timeframe is brought to you by “geez it’s actually pretty chilly” and “holy shit I haven’t worn these boots in FOREVER.” Also sponsored by Poor Lighting In My Local Bar’s Bathroom.

Yes I’ve had the boots for ages so no they aren’t available anymore — unless you HAPPEN to be a size 8 (they’re true to size) and willing to buy them pre-owned on eBay for $59. (Holy crap I can’t believe I found a pair of these! No wait TWO pair, here they are in a size 6 for $35! I don’t want to sound like “ooo lookit this fancy thing I own” but y’all I bought mine for FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS, and a week later they were on Neiman’s site for FIVE HUNDRED. They look identical to mine so it doesn’t seem like they’d be different in construction, and mine are well-made and surprisingly comfy for 3″ heels. SOMEONE PLEASE BUY THOSE.)

Anyway, the jeans are J Brand and the jacket is from Marrakech — which, they make FANTASTIC lightweight stretchy jackets, if you’re in the market. Anthropologie carries some of them, too. This is my fave jacket in the world (so many good pockets! stretchy! not too long!) and still the one I wear the most.

Worn/found/rediscovered anything interesting lately? Share!