OOTRT : February 22

YEAH, it’s Thursday, let’s look at an outfit! GEEZ IT’S SO EXCITING. (It kind of isn’t, but let’s pretend?)

Cute wool plaid cropped jacket is from Tulle and I think I got it at a French Connection or Anthropologie or something? It’s delightfully retro, with wide three-quarter sleeves and giiiiaaant collar/lapels and I really should wear this more. Jeans are Vince and I love them even tho they have those weird “moto” zip-across front pockets. This whole outfit says two things : 1) we had one more slightly cool and rainy day before freakin’ SUMMER happened again (greetings from the damn tropics, ugh) and yes, I have a lot of grey and black shit.

BONUS PIC which I’m including because oh my god it totally looks like I pulled this out of a 1980s high school yearbook. “JUST TAKE THE PICTURE, BRAD. GOD.” (His name is not actually Brad. <3)