OOTRT : February 1

Ugh, we’re having Confused Transitional Weather (again) (or still), so here’s a Confused Transitional Outfit :

“Good grief it’s in the mid 60s, I should wear shorts and a tee shirt.” [But it’ll be colder tonight, and you’re going out!] “FINE, shorts and a tee shirt with a tank under it and a jacket.” [That jacket is pretty light weight tho annnnnd what about your legs.] “FIIINNNNE, shorts and a tee shirt and a jacket and boots with fuzzy socks.” [But now you’re all sweaty.] “Everything is terrible forever.”

ANYWAY. The shorts are Pilcro Hyphen chinos from Anthropologie, and they’re actually pretty good shorts — except that they do that thing where you order your usual size and they fit perfectly! BUT THEN. Two hours later you take your phone and keys out of the pockets because otherwise their weight will result in you basically pantsing yourself in public because your shorts suddenly seem a full size bigger than when you put them on. Whatever, I like this color grey (I have orange ones too, and I don’t even know why), and if they come back this spring I’ll probably order more … in a smaller size. (They’re like $68 or something? SUPER soft, good pockets, worth it even with the overabundance of stretch.)

Jacket is some crap I got at Nordstrom or something yeaaars ago, and the boots are Marc Jacobs and legit 10+ years old and I love them almost as much as the white Timberlands.