Mascara Melee : Round Seven!


OKAY so I’ve run through pretty much all of my current mascaras (except for one or two questionable ones) so until I get curious/bored/suckered in by marketing or ratings, we’re done with lash glop for the moment — and I saved my two MOST COMPELLING PRODUCTS for last!

THE RULES : All will be applied in my “normal” fashion, to freshly-washed face with a little serum or light moisturizer — nothing oily, and no foundation or powder or other makeup in the eye area. No eye makeup either, just mascara alone, because I don’t want to blame a product for smears or flecks that were caused by a misbehaving eyeliner or shadow. I’ll generally use full-size products, or minis as long as they have the same brush as the regular size, and aren’t more difficult to use for any reason. I’ll probably also test out mascaras I’ve had for a while, but I certainly won’t use anything that’s old, dried out, or otherwise not applying/behaving as is “normal” for that product.


Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Escalator Mascara ($17.49/.23oz on Amazon, less on eBay if you’re willing to wait for shipping from SK) comes in the cutest damn packaging I’ve ever seen, so let’s look at that first :

Eeeeeee, it’s a HAPPY DINOSAUR who lives in a SKYSCRAPER which curiously resembles the Chrysler Building, which I’ll never look at the same way again (is it hollow inside, with a Brachiosaurus living in there???). Anywaaaaay, the other notable feature for this one is its brush — it’s a medium-width spiky rubber affair, with a literal twist in that you can twist the very end of the handle to expand the brush, thereby pulling the bristle-spikes further apart. NEAT.

Isehan Heroine Make Kiss Me Mascara ($17.89/.21oz on Amazon, also available on eBay etc) comes in a rather fetching hot pink and black tube with very ~girly~ embellishments, and features a rather interesting brush. It’s a bristle-type, rather smallish, not terribly long, fatter than average toward the base and extremely tapered at the tip, in sort of a teardrop shape :

And for your further edification, a brush size comparison :


Dinoplatz on the left, Heroine Make on the right.

Okay so you know from my endless mentions that Dinoplatz is my all-time favorite mascara, and the one I ALWAYS, ALWAYS repurchase. It goes on very cleanly with no chunks or fuzzy bits, it’s easy to apply without making a mess, and the look is Strong Dramatic — which I dig because of how well it makes my lashes stand out over darkish eye makeup. You can get some lashes stuck together with this one if you overbrush it (which I did a lil bit here), and regarding the brush : I always keep it at the tightest/densest setting, as the long/spread-out position seems to deposit way too much product on my particular lashes. I also find that this one adds a fair bit of lift and curl, and in fact works better if I don’t curl my lashes beforehand. I LOVE YOU, DINOPLATZ.

Heroine Make, on the other hand, has a softer and more feathery look. It does add a very good bit of length and curl, but isn’t as thickening/volumizing as Dinoplatz. It’s quite easy to apply with the weird little brush — the pointy tip makes it easy to get into corners without smearing product everywhere, and those longer bristles toward the base are good for combing through your longest lashes. If you’re into a more fringe-y low-key (yet still quite punchy) effect, this is a good pick.


Dinoplatz on the left, Heroine Make on the right, about seven hours later.

Dinoplatz is my #1 5EVER LUV YOU BAE for numerous reasons : the aforementioned big volume/length/curl, plus that it comes right off like woosh with your normal cleanser or even just water and a little rubbing … despite the fact that it does not flake or smudge ever. I mean, not ever. At all. On my oily sweaty skin, this is nothing short of miraculous. And since I’m not only oily and sweaty but also lazy, I’ll take any opportunity to avoid dicking around with multi-step makeup removal. One important note tho : If I’m going out doing something very sweaty (multiple errands plus a long walk in July), I apply to my upper lashes only, not the lower lashes — because otherwise the sweat will eventually literally wash the mascara off of them. This will NOT result in smudges, just a bunch of little tiny mascara shards that you can brush away without smearing everywhere, but still best avoided.

Heroine Make also looks just as good as it did when freshly applied (it hasn’t gotten on my upper eyelid there — that darkness is just lighting plus the fact that my right eye is much more hooded than my left) — and it also doesn’t smudge or flake. Okay, it might smudge a tiny tiny bit, particularly on oily skin, but this is in fact a waterproof formula, and unlike the waterproof mascaras I’ve tried from Givenchy and Cover Girl and numerous others? This shit wears like iron. As in, washing your face with normal cleanser? Not only will this not remove the mascara, it won’t even freaking budge it. This is frankly AMAZING, but also comes with the downside of requiring a separate removal step. It does come off just fine for me via MUFE SensEyes, and you could probably also use any skin-friendly oil. You *will* want to saturate your cotton pad and hold it on your eye for a while to let the remover soak your lashes and soften the mascara, in order to minimize rubbing etc. because this shit takes some work to get off.

BEHOLD THE REALLY-QUITE-CLEAN Q-TIPS OF TRIUMPH. A couple tiny specs on the Dinoplatz one, which I’m pretty sure are just dots I got on my skin with the brush bristles when I applied it, and a faint smudge on the Heroine Make one, which might also be an application smear. As you can see in the “later” photo above, neither of these result in really any visible undereye smudges or flakes at all. SOUND THE FRAKKING TRUMPETS.

THE WINNER : Dinoplatz is my gurl forever and ever amen — easy to apply, big bold look, stupid easy to remove. But if/when I ever need to wear mascara for two days and possibly sleep in it? Heroine Make is the go-to.

Tried ’em? Gonna? What’s yer forever-fave? You obvs know mine …