LOTRT : February 5

How the hell is it already Frerbrurary, let’s have some purple eye makeup in honor of Mardi Gras which I don’t actually care about, thanks to living in New Orleans for eight years :


Primer, oh might as well. I used Wet N Wild.

Above crease, a lilac with gold shimmer. I used that Mustaev shadow we talked about a couple weeks ago, which I’m really liking!

On mobile lid and blended up into crease, a strong true royal purple. This is A NEW ONE which we’ll talk about soonish — you probably already have something similar. Blend it upwards into the lilac, and pull it out into a soft wing that’s fairly opaque along the bottom edge.

Liner is a long low straight wing, joined up with the outer third of lower lid. I used a combo of Tarte Sex Kitten and NYX Epic Ink, because I’m determined to get some use out of the NYX even tho it’s currently my least-favorite liner.

Mimic your upper-lid gradient on the lower lid, but in reverse — lighter going down, more opaque (and more of the deeper purple) at lashline.

Since you’ve now applied shadow around your lower-lid line, if you’re like me this means you got shadow all over your lower lid line, so maybe touch that up a bit.

And you’re done! I didn’t want this whole look to read as “WHOA, CRAZY PURPLE MAKEUP,” so I paired it with a muted/nudeish blush, and a sort of neutral dusty rose lipstick (Bite Amuse Bouche in “Rhubarb”).

Okay YES, FINE and also shimmery lilac highlight (a combo of Looxi highlighter in “Ever After” and Anna Sui Rose Cheek in 100 “Mystic Rose”).