LOTRT : February 26

WOO, MONDAAAAY. Let’s say a [grumbly, grudging] hello to spring this week with something light and fresh, which is a euphemism for “relatively boring and unoriginal”! YEAH!


No primer because I’m a DAREDEVIL. (Actually I just forgot.)

All over lid and through crease, good ol’ ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in “Sailor,” which remains one of my favorite eye things on earth. Its base shade is just barely deeper/warmer than my skin tone, so it reads as a Nude Shade on me, and the watery aqua shimmer is fun enough to elevate it to Something Fairly Interesting.

Liner is a long straight narrow flick of black, pulled out into a skinny low wing, and loined up with the outer lower corner with a line about 1/4 – 1/3 across. I used Tarte Sex Kitten stylo/pen thing, because my NYX Matte Liquid is apparently hiding somewhere in a drawer.

On lower lids, a wide diffused swath of cement grey, and then a smaller/shorter wing of charcoal, and then go back over your lower black liner because the shadow probably messed it up some, and I will never learn.

Mascara (Dinoplatz!) and you’re donnnne. THAT WAS EASY.

I paired it with a pink blush (NARS in Gaiety) and an even pinker lipstick (Rituel de Fille Enchanted Lip Sheer in “Thistle,” which is neither sheer nor [afaict] enchanted, nor actually the color of a thistle. It is, however, quite a nice fresh-yet-low-key pink).

It is spring, and I resent it. Tell me about your makeup.