LOTRT : February 19

HAPPY PRESIDENTS’ DAY, which this week’s Look of the Recent Timeframe has absolutely nothing to do with. Instead, I ended up with a kind of … well, whatever this is :


Skip your eye primer because it’s Scott Joplin and you’re exhausted and who cares anyway it’s not like I’m leaving the house today. (But really use primer tho.)

All over browbone and down to crease and inner part of mobile lid, a pale shimmery lavender. This is an unnamed shade from an elderly unnamed TooFaced palette and I depotted them all and who even knows! Let’s call it LILAC MYSTERY.

Then on outer mobile lid and up through crease blended into the lavender, a matte mauve/fig shade. This is AOA Studio pressed powder shadow in M17.

Do a very light kinda cut crease thang by building up your mauve, or adding just a bit of a darker shade and blending well. Go back over any patchiness or lackluster blending with a light dusting of the lavender shimmer to disguise your ineptitude and/or laziness! MAGIC.

Liner is ColourPop Creme Gel (potted) Color in deep mauve/prune shade “Best O” and it’s kinda weird and I love it. In fact I love it so much I also colored in my brows with it because WHY NOT? IT’S MONDAY, LET’S GO NUTS. Do a little lower lashline flick with the same liner, and soften it with a dusting of your lavender shadow.

Mascara is 2B Colors in “Mega Prune,” which sounds like something Worf would enjoy. (It is a warrior’s eyeliner color.) I also used it on my eyebrows, in an attempt to make the hairs themselves less black and better blend into the base/fill color (success!).

WOO that was pretty damn easy. If you feel like keeping with this plummy theme, add a purpley blush (I used ColourPop Super Shock in “Rain“) and a deep prune metallic matte lip (AOA Studio in “Digital”). Then tie on the only scarf/hair thing you own that has a plummy shade in it, and then realize it also kinda matches your sheets, so lie down on the bed for a weird/awkward selfie that gives you a fab helmet-hair look.

Shark Week can suck it. That’s all I got. <3