LOTRT : February 12

Hey it’s a VERY SPECIAL LOTRT : not only is it Lundi Gras if you give a crap about that (I do not), it’s also the one-year anniversary of PrettySuperb! Okay technically it’ll be this Saturday I think, but whatever, I’m calling it for this whole week.

Also, today’s look got a little … out of hand. I don’t even really know what happened here.

I swear to god it looks less wonky IRL.


Primer, because you’ve just smeared squalane oil all over your face and you KNOW it’s going to jack up your eye makeup. I used Wet N Wild.

All over browbone area and through crease, a shadow you thought would be roughly “nude” for you when you ordered and ends up being too light, but just roll with it anyway. (Mine is ColourPop in “Hear Me Out.”)

On most of mobile lid and pulled out into a big fat wing, SOLID BLACK howsoever you can most easily achieve it. I used that Starry Prism cream shadow (the one in a tube), which has turned out to be wildly useful and a damn fine performer despite costing one dollah.

A multipart line resting just above the black, that makes a gradient color-transition thing. Mine is metallic gold (Nars Eye Paint in Iskandar, which I legit think everyone should own), Nars again in olive green “Mozambique,” and in the center it’s 3INA turquoise metallic.

Then, since you most likely gacked up the upper edge of your black while doing the color line, crisp it up again – I found it easiest to do with a stylo-type liner pen (the Tarte Sex Kitten one is pretty good for this purpose, as it has a quite fine point and doesn’t feather or creep).

Since my crease area looked Weird being all beigey pink, I slapped on a half-assed crease shade in a taupe-grey (ColourPop “Take The Lead”) which honestly does not look this stripey and awkward in person.

Lower lid is a diffused application of the same gold, plus a little outer-corner liner flick.

Then mascara, and fill your brows with the SAME METALLIC GOLD, because DRAMA, and you’re done.

Or get artsy and do a nude-to-gold ombre lip, yes with the eye paint because who even cares? You can’t tell me what to do. (Will this make my lips swell up? They seem fine so far.)

The great thing about this look is how versatile it is.

Especially if you add a super cheap blonde wig. (It is actually not versatile at all.)

ALSO, if you put a Chico’s-worthy gold necklace and some shell bead things draped over your head and stand in front of a round sunburst mirror, you can totally look like you belong on like a futuristic-hippie-themed version of one of those Saint candles.

Insert your own “festival season” joke here.

That’s all I got. I’m not sharing the photo with a pith helmet.

Have you worn a makeup? You should show us it.