OOTRT : January 4

OI, it’s Thursday, let’s have an outfit! Specifically, let’s have a kinda bad photo of a kinda good outfit, in kinda bad bar-bathroom lighting :

That’s a corduroy miniskirt because WINTERRRR, and a top I can’t even remember. But it doesn’t matter because the stars of this show are the frankly kinda low-key marvelous ankle boots from 1,618 that I picked up on Yoox for around a hundred bucks or so (they’re v v well-made, surprisingly comfy, and worth every penny of their quite-reasonable price point) — buttery black suede with a black patent back half and heel and why do I not wear these more often? My particular ones are no longer available, but these have a nearly identical silhouette, and these are just straight-up RAD. (DANA, YOU NEED THOSE.)

The OTHER star of the show is this slightly odd “jacket” affair. I’m sure that your town, like my town, has some little clothing boutiques that carry brands you don’t see in department stores and cater to A Mature Crowd. One of ours has a selection that veers rather artsy, and thus has a bunch of these things that’re somewhere between a formalwear anorak and a glitzy painter’s smock. It’s got weird half sleeves, it’s got weird pleats, it’s got weird swingy lines, it’s got a weird tufty collar with a life of its own … and it’s got POCKETS. Also it’s a glorious shimmery forest green fake-silk stuff, and it’s just a delight to wear (POCKETS) (also because it’s a nice outer layer when it’s kinda chilly but not cold). “Why is this thing that’s kinda basically just an oddly-cut Big Shirt with a lining $120?” “WHO CARES, IT’S SHIMMERY.”


Have you worn a kinda nifty thing lately? Share that thing!