OOTRT : January 25

Since today is both the anniversary of the Battle of the Zab and the end of the Battle of the Bulge, let’s have something vaguely vintage-militaristic, yes? “ROGER THAT.”

Top is this one from PattyBoutik, and it’s actually rather good for thirty-five bucks (and it comes in nine colors)! Sizing on this one is pretty true, though I’ve bought quite a few things from this brand and the sleeves do tend to run a little snug — and also, for anything that’s super stretchy / lycra-laden, GO UP A SIZE unless you like ’em skin-tight. Jeans are J Brand and I love these because they’re like “winter white” with a bit of grey striation … and dark grey top-stitching, oooo.

Please don’t ask why I’m sitting on the floor in white pants. I just … I don’t know.

Boots (which are actually more like sneakers, really) are Dr Martens Shorestud in pale grey canvas and they’re VERY comfy and no longer available on the DM site but you can totally find them on eBay. (They also come — or came, rather — in black/silver, pink/silver, and rust/gold.)

Worn anything fun lately? Or just focused on not freezing to death? <3