OOTRT : January 18

Oh, Thursdays, how I both anticipate you (almost the weekend!) and dread you (O GOD THE PRESSURE TO DISPLAY A NON-LAME OUTFIT). Here’s this week’s valiant-yet-lackluster attempt :


[That’s just a typically-awkward Collier pose — my ankle isn’t broken, I promise.] A pretty cheap department-store sequin tee (from Dillard’s, I think? it’s DKNY) which, I bought three of these a while back because they were on sale (and also because SEQUINNNNS). The black one was fab, but the navy and purple were both WAY brighter than shown online, so I dunked them in a dye bath to darken them up, and success!


Got stuff in your closet that’s kinda okay, but you’d like it much better if it were a slightly different color? I’ve had pretty good results with this Jacquard Procion dye kit ($16.98 at Amazon) — or at least much better results than with a box of RIT from the grocery store. It comes with soda ash to help “set” your color! Ooo, sciencey! IMPORTANT NOTES : 1) If you’re going for an allover solid color and would be aghast at any streaks or mottling, it’s best to just try to go a bit darker or a bit more saturated than the garment’s current color. Like, make a charcoal top black, or a slate blue top a brighter stronger blue, or a white top lavender. Results when trying to dye a white shirt maroon, for instance, will maybe be not as pleasing. 2) CHECK YOUR STITCHING COLOR. A lot of garments use a thread of a different fiber than the main fabric, and thus it may take dye differently (or not at all). I.e., if you try to dye a red top black, your stitching might remain red. 3) Obvs, always wash items at least once before dyeing them, to remove any sizing/starch.

ANYWAY. In case you care, I layered that home-dyed mall shirt over a tube top from AA (ultimate layering piece, RIP these tube tops), and my fave jeans (from Genetic), and these boots which holy shit I love so much :

They’re from Yoox (of course), and are Cafe Noir brand, and I got ’em on sale for … I don’t remember, but probably like a hundred bucks? They look like weird anachronistic parallel-universe military boots and I adore them. They’re not currently available, but there’s a ton of other Cafe Noir stuff that I regret looking up because I’m having FEELINGS for these neat sequin creeper booties/sneakers, and also the slight strangeness of these multi-textured taupe and black dudes is curiously appealing, as are these weird mottled light-bronze “60s Mod But From Spaaaaace” ones.

Have you worn A Thing? Tell me about The Thing you wore. Or talk about Cafe Noir shoes. <3