OOTRT : January 11

GREETINGS FROM A THURSDAY in the land of “why the hell is it 68 degrees and humid, it is effing January.” This week, an outfit from way back in the olden times when we had some seasonally-appropriate weather rolling (aka “last week”) :

Nifty top with yoke and sleeves made of this weird cottony mesh/gauze material, from … I don’t remember, so probably like Asos or something? Worn with charcoal cableknit textured leggings from Memoi (I think I got these on RueLaLa?) that I LOVE for looking very wintery but actually being fairly thin and not overly cozy. AND. The Timberland boots I’ve had for close to ten years now, and if you told me “you can only wear one pair of boots for the rest of your li…” “THE WHITE ONES.” “But I’ll give you like three thousand dollars and you can buy any pair of boots you…” “I WANT THESE WHITE ONES.” (Why didn’t I get the all-black ones too?? REGRET.)

Also, IDK what the hell my hair is doing here, but I’m definitely gonna do some texturizing on those bangs later.

If you’ve worn a Rather Interesting Thing lately, this would be a lovely place to share. <3