Mascara Melee : Round Three!


THE SAGA CONTINUES. This time, let’s compare two of my un-favorites : much-vaunted Lancôme Definicils and never-talked-about Inglot Long & Curly :

THE RULES : All will be applied in my “normal” fashion, to freshly-washed face with a little serum or light moisturizer — nothing oily, and no foundation or powder or other makeup in the eye area. No eye makeup either, just mascara alone, because I don’t want to blame a product for smears or flecks that were caused by a misbehaving eyeliner or shadow. I’ll generally use full-size products, or minis as long as they have the same brush as the regular size, and aren’t more difficult to use for any reason. I’ll probably also test out mascaras I’ve had for a while, but I certainly won’t use anything that’s old, dried out, or otherwise not applying/behaving as is “normal” for that product.


Lancôme Definicils ($27.50/.23oz at Sephora or Ulta) comes in a slim square black tube with gold trim, and features a long narrow bristle-type brush with a tapered tip.

Lancome Definicils brush

Inglot Long & Curly ($15/.25oz at Beautylish or CameraReadyCosmetics)  comes in a pretty average-sized round black tube, and features a long skinny bristle-type brush with a tight spiral pattern and no taper.

Inglot Long & Curly brush

Brush size comparison : Lancome on top, Inglot on bottom


Lancome on the left, Inglot on the right. As you can see, compared to last week’s entrants (Buxom and Marc Jacobs O!Mega), these are both pretty lackluster on the length and volume fronts. If your goal is OMG GIAAAAANT LASHES, these are definitely not for you.

Lancome Definicils, just applied

Lancôme Definicils gives a little bit of volume, and “average” length. There’s a little bit of sticking-together-of-lashes during application, but it’s not dire. The dense skinny brush does make it relatively easy to get tiny corner lashes, but its short bristle length means that there can be a lot of product on the brush and close to the bristle tips, which also allows for easy smear-making, especially on lower lashes (I cleaned this up before going about my business for the day).

Inglot Long & Curly, just applied

Inglot Long & Curly was likewise pretty easy to apply and get into small areas without making a giant mess (I am strongly in favor of small or at least non-gigantic mascara brushes). Like the Lancôme, this wasn’t super inclined to make clumps or clots on the lashes — both give a rather clean and neat look, without the “shaggy” appearance that a lot of mascaras give (particularly “volumizing” formulas). Both were comfortable when dry, and didn’t feel overly hard/stiff.


Eh, fine, I guess? They both “fell” a bit over the course of testing, but not to a dire degree. Neither product is billed as a “lifting” mascara, and neither provides a stellar amount of lift or curl (despite the Inglot having “curl” right there in the name). On a more positive note, neither one was prone to shedding throughout the day — I had basically zero flakes or chips from either of these. Smudging, however …

Behold the Filthy Q-Tips of Shame. Yep, these both deposited quite a bit of black on my undereye area. They’re not the worst offenders in my stash (that dubious honor probably still belongs to Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir, holy shit).

THE WINNER : I guess the Lancôme Definicils, albeit grudgingly? This is one of those products whose enduring popularity I never understood — it has consistently pretty-good reviews, and anytime a site/blog/etc puts out a call for “tell us your favorite mascara!” there will be HOARDS of people saying “omg, Definicils.” Yet for me, it’s a thoroughly average performer, and I fail to grok why anyone is super impressed by this low-impact yet smudge-prone goober, unless they’ve only ever used the crappiest drugstore mascaras beforehand? Whatever! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ If you’re okay with some smudging and prefer a more “natural” look with more understated length and volume, these are probably fine. Otherwise, I’d pass.

Tried either one? Love, hate, solid “meh”? Discuss!