Mascara Melee : Round Four!


Let’s take a break from basic black and look at a couple of COLORS, yeah? YEAH!

THE RULES : All will be applied in my “normal” fashion, to freshly-washed face with a little serum or light moisturizer — nothing oily, and no foundation or powder or other makeup in the eye area. No eye makeup either, just mascara alone, because I don’t want to blame a product for smears or flecks that were caused by a misbehaving eyeliner or shadow. I’ll generally use full-size products, or minis as long as they have the same brush as the regular size, and aren’t more difficult to use for any reason. I’ll probably also test out mascaras I’ve had for a while, but I certainly won’t use anything that’s old, dried out, or otherwise not applying/behaving as is “normal” for that product.


Benefit They’re Real in “Beyond Blue” ($24/.3oz at Ulta) comes in a tapered blue-chrome-finish tube, with the same straight spiky rubber brush as in the black formula :

MUFE Smoky Lash in 4/Green ($23/.23oz at Sephora) comes in a tapered tube with a body color corresponding to the product color, and has a fairly dense straight bristle-type brush with a very slightly rounded/tapered tip :

Brush comparison : Benefit They’re Real at top, MUFE Smoky Lash at bottom.


Obvs I couldn’t do my usual desaturation of the photos here, so pls ignore any splotchy weirdness in skintone — no foundation/powder/etc, and colors adjusted so mascara would display true to life.

These are both fairly good on length and volume! Neither one is “omg biggest longest lashes ever,” but they’re far beyond average.

Benefit “Beyond Blue” is pretty solid on both length and volume — the formula for this color performs very similarly to the original black, if maybe slightly less hard and tar-like. This one is fairly easy to apply without making a big mess; the only issue I occasionally run into is getting many lashes stuck together in spikes, which isn’t uncommon with the spiky rubber brush dealio.

MUFE Smoky Lash in green is … well, it’s barely green. Unfortunately this one is so dark that in most lighting situations and from normal viewing distances, it just reads as “soft black.” [My kingdom for a true strong saturated emerald green mascara — not grass green, not 80s jade. Sigh.] It does do a pretty good job of lengthening and thickening lashes, isn’t prone to clumping, and goes on fairly neatly (unlike its sister product, Smoky Extravagant, whose cone-shaped brush is so effing big I could curl my damn bangs with it).


Both of these actually wear pretty well — neither fell or weighed my lashes down a lot over the course of the day, and neither left giant smears under my eyes. (Woo!)

Benefit really didn’t smudge at all, which was fairly surprising because I *do* get some smudging from the OG black They’re Real.

MUFE Smoky dropped very few flakes, but did give me a bit of smudging on my undereye — not as much as I would’ve expected, and not nearly as much as the worst offenders I’ve tested so far.

Behold the Filthy Q-Tips of Shame! Tho at least in the Benefit’s case, that is not shameful at all.

THE WINNER : Benefit They’re Real, by A LOT. You see why I’ve mentioned this one a few times and used it in a couple of LOTRTs — it’s without a doubt the best bright-hued mascara I’ve ever tried. It deposits strong and solid color so it actually reads as BLUE from normal distances, and smudging/flaking are super minimal. In addition, “Beyond Blue” is oddly easier to remove than the original — I don’t have to rub at this one a lot, or hit it with makeup remover as I generally do with the black formula. The MUFE, on the other hand, I never reach for. It applies nicely and gives a fairly bold look, but given its smudging (and the fact that it doesn’t really look green in the least), it’s just not really worth it.

Tried ’em? Love ’em? Hate ’em? Tell me!