LOTRT : January 8

Wooooo, Monday! Okay not really. It’s cold and wet and everybody’s tired and got a raging case of Fuck It Let’s Just Not Leave The House Ever Again, Where Are The Potato Chips. So in honor of that feel, I present to you this lazy AF makeup look, which is simple as hell but actually a little bit fun :


Dude it’s like three things. Okay four, if you count primer. (Wet N Wild as per usual.)

All over lid and crease, blended up toward brow, a shimmery cool khaki/champagne gold. This is ColourPop pressed powder shadow in “Game Changer,” which can look more golden or more green, depending on your skintone, how densely you apply it, and what you combine it with. I LOVE eyeshadows in this range : just dark enough versus my skintone that in the crease they’ll provide a little additional shade/depth, but can be sheered out so that above the crease they’re smooth and easy and light hitting the shimmer makes them into a nice highlight.

On lower lid, a light scuffing of a darkish charcoal grey shade (I used my go-to Givenchy Ombre Couture in “Gris Organza”), darker at the outer corners and toward lashline, softer/lighter at the inner portion and downward.

THEN go over that with a bit of the same gold, to soften/lighten the charcoal a bit, obscure any less-than-smooth areas, and give the whole lower lid a diffused shimmer.

LINERRRRR is your blackest black (this is my NYX Matte Liquid looking way blacker than it actually is IRL due to vagaries of lighting/camera weirdness) : Upper lid with a long flick, and a shorter not-joined-up flick on the outer third of the lower lid.

WHOA that was easy.

Since this is pretty neutral and low-key graphic, you can pair it with just about anything — here, with NARS blush in “Desire” and Tarteist [Quick Dry] Matte Lip Paint in “Festival.” It’d also be an excellent eye thing to pair with “I wanna wear this crazy effin’ dark maroon/violet lip color so I need eye makeup that’s defined and interesting but not too shouty.” Fun enough for a night out, but TBH I wore it to an extremely swank event called “sitting on my bf’s sofa and watching [rewatching, in my case] an episode of Sherlock, which he has not seen, wtaf?”

Have you worn a makeup? You should tell us about it if you have.