LOTRT : January 29

This week’s look is what happens when you’re A) uninspired and reach for your default eyemakeup colors (for me, this is allllllllways something in the silver/grey/black range), and B) find something in a drawer and go “oh yeah, wow I haven’t used that in MONTHS.”


Primer, because I wouldn’t allow myself to be both uncreative and lazy. (WNW FTW.)

All over lid and blended up past crease, a gunmetal metallic. This is e.l.f. Aqua Beauty Molten Liquid Eyeshadow ($4 at e.l.f.) in “Cool Steel,” which, I forgot how much I like this! Despite the relatively dark color, it blends out quite nicely.

Around perimeter of the gunmetal to further diffuse it, a cool slightly lighter silvery-grey shimmer. I used AOA Studio Wonder Baked Eyeshadow in “Gravel,” which is A DOLLAR and also I swear to god is like my most-used eyeshadow right now. It can be sheer and shimmery! It can be an opaque metallic! It’s SO EASY. Also it’s silver, <3.

Liner is a combo of Tarte Sex Kitten stylo (dotted between upper lashes) and NYX Matte Liquid liner. Long top wing, keep it low, and add a little mirroring lower-lash flick too, because why not? Mascara is my one true love (Dinoplatz 5ever).

AND THAT’S IT. Wow that was fast, which leaves more time for french fries and cocktails.

Since I did a variation on my Default Eye Look, I figured I should at least avoid my Default Lip Colors of pinky-nude or vampy-red matte, and so …

I have no recollection of what blush I used (it was probably Japonesque Velvet Touch 01?), but the lipstick is Uslu Airlines in HAJ/Hannover (usually $25 but HOLY COW this shade is $11.02 at Amazon right now!) and this pic does not do it justice, it is BRIGHT. Like those geraniums that’re so saturated they’re almost painful to look at? The effect is mitigated somewhat by the fact that it’s also lightweight and glossy and semi-sheer (it looks kinda “creamy” in this pic, which it is def not), which makes it particularly fun for spring/summer (or for when you live in the gulf south and winter gets drunk and suddenly it’s 68 degrees so you go out in shorts and a sweater and rain boots).

I should also note that all this eye shiz wore like IRON, from like 5pm to 1am, through humidity, standing outside in the rain, and other typically makeup-destroying circumstances. IMPRESSIVE.

If you have worn a makeup you should tell me about iiiiit. <3