LOTRT : January 2

WOO, GOODBYE TRASH FIRE 2017. Since yesterday was a holiday and also I was extremely tired (but no, not hung over, tyvm), here’s some makeup on a Tuesday instead of a Monday. But yes, this is NYE makeup! I had on a pretty shouty sequin miniskirt, so I kept the makeup fairly neutral (YET GLAM) :


Eye primer, because it’s an Occasion. I used Wet N Wild, which is now my official go-to.

Above crease, a light dusting of something silvery and shimmery that you can blend other stuff into. This is AOA Studio Wonder Baked Eyeshadow in “Gravel,” which is easy to apply in a semi-sheer layer with a floofy brush.

In crease and blended upward into your sheer silver, a medium-to-deep grey. I used Givenchy Ombre Couture cream shadow in “Gris Organza” because while drier/stiffer than the average cream, it’s also easier to build up gradually.

On mobile lid and blended up into the charcoal, a black shadow — I used a cream formula that I’ll talk about in the next day or two, oooooo.

Now, in an perfect world, you’d have a perfectly smooth gradient from your black to your grey to your silver.  But my world — and my application skills — are imperfect. So I went over that whole gradient area with a light dusting of a super dark charcoal shimmer, AOA Studio Wonder Baked in “Ash,” to help blend it all together and obscure any, uhh, no-so-smooth areas. I also patted some more heavily on the center of my mobile lid, as it’s much denser / more opaque/ more metallic that way.

Liner, and lots of it — I used ColourPop’s potted creme gel black on my upper and lower waterlines, and did the wing with NYX Matte Liquid. This is a long low and very straight wing, that comes down just far enough to join up with a little bitty corner fill on the lower lash line … plus an extra lower flick.

After mascara (Dinoplatz, duh — I take no chances when it’s an Occasion, and Dinoplatz remains the greatest mascara on earth) and cleanup, lower lid gets a wide fuzzy swath of the matte mid grey. And you’re done!

BIG AND DRAMATIC, but not too big, and still pretty neutral, as was the rest of my makeup (mostly) : Tarte “Exposed” nude-ish blush, and ColourPop Ultra Matte lipstick in Wild Nothing, topped with an iridescent blue glittery concoction of my own making.

This is a weird-ass picture, and yes I actually had to apply a blue-toned filter to get the colors to settle the hell down and also minimize the odd splotchiness of my skin which I swear to god was not like that IRL. But I mean, bar bathroom lighting, what’re you gonna do. (I still feel guilty about using a filter, tho.)

OMG HAPPY NEW YEAR, YOU GUYS. <<<333 (Did you do anything fun and/or productive? Share!) (I had three beers, two cigarettes — I know, I know — and froze my ass off, and brought sequin masks and light-up squishy rings for my beloved bartenders.)