LOTRT : January 15

WOO, it’s Monday and it’s FREEZING. Let’s have a makeup!


Primerrrr! Hooray for primer! This is my usual Wet N Wild, and it was 100% necessary here.

Under browbone and downward, a matte nude-for-your-skintone shade.

From crease and blended upward and out, a lilac shimmer. This is an EXCITING NEW shadow I’ll post in more detail about in the next day or two, oooooo.

On lid and blended up into crease, a much darker murky plum/bruise shimmer. Ditto “exciting new, post coming soon.” I placed the dark color such that when my eyes are open normally, it’s visible on the lid and a little bit at the outer edges/wing area, but not so high that it shows in most of the above-crease area.

On lower lid and pulled out to join up with the upper lid color, the same murky plum. As usual, more dense/opaque near lashline and outer corners, diffused at lower edge. I also swiped a little of my lilac shimmer on the inner corners of my lower lid to lighten that area up a bit.

Liner is ColourPop Creme Gel (potted) on upper and lower waterline, NYX Matte Liquid liner for a skinny top line and a longish low wing joined up to the lower outer third-ish of lower lid.

Mascara, and done! (This is actually the Buxom waterproof mascara instead of my usual Dinoplatz — I don’t adore it, but it isn’t TERRIBLE, and it goes a few hours before it starts to smudge under my eyes.) (A light brushed-on coat of setting spray helps a little bit, but doesn’t 100% prevent transfer.)

I like this combo because it’s purpleish but not ~PURPLE~ (which can be kinda difficult/intimidating to wear sometimes). It’s desaturated enough to work well with a lot of different lip colors etc; I paired it with AOA Studio Wonder Matte liquid lipstick in “Tease,” and NARS blush in “Mata Hari,” topped with blue-violet “Luna” highlighter from Looxi.

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. <<3

Got pics of a fun recent look, or any new discoveries? Shaaaare!