Please allow me to grumble about how my order from AllDayChemist arrived and the post office left a note on my door because I wasn’t home, and once you schedule something for redelivery it’s [echoing spooky-voice] IN LIMMMBOOOOO, NO UPDATES ARE AVAILABLE AT THIS TIIIIIME. Y’all, I need my face goop please, it is a face goop emergency up in here.

Noooooo I’m almost out, omg omg.

Actually it’s not — my skin has been SO much better over the last few weeks. I chalk this up to a few different things : 1) I started putting my Skinoren (azelaic acid cream) directly on my face after washing at night, rather than layering it over a serum or oil. WHOA that makes a difference! 2) I’ve been better about using high-linoleic oils on the regular, generally hemp oil and more recently evening primrose oil. And 3) in a moment of “oh wait, derp” I finally looked up the ingredients for my MUFE Full Cover Concealer and oh will you look at that. Cyclopentasiloxane, aka cyclomethicone, aka my nemesis. Which I mostly use on places I have breakouts. Fantastic. Into the “Hey Do You Want This?” pile it goes.


The last time I was on AllDayChemist, they had Finacea or a generic version thereof, which is a 20% azelaic acid cream like Skinoren. So I grabbed a tube of that for around ten bucks (better than the ~$20 I usually pay ordering Skinoren from New Zealand), plus more of my beloved Bimatoprost … plus a few tubes of generic Retin-A micro. WOO, RETINOIDS FOR ME.

Waaaaay back in Acne 101, I talked about how my experience with Curology’s tretinoin/clindamycin formula was … ungood : initial success was nullified by rampant dermatitis around my eyes and chin. Like, horrible uncomfortable hideous dermatitis — red, painful, flaky, with bumps. Yeah, :(. But since subsequent attempts to use my initial prescription of just azelaic/niacinamide/clindamycin had similar effects, apparently at some point there I developed an allergy or sensitivity to clindamycin, though the BOOM, HARDCORE nature of the tretinoin likely exacerbated the skin-freakout. But! I’m gonna be brave! Retin-A micro basically is tretinoin, though it’s in a “time-release” formula that works more gently over the course of many hours instead of hitting your face with the creamy white equivalent of napalm.

SO! The plan is to start Retin-A micro, just every other night at first, and probably layered over a light moisturizer or squalane oil or something. I’m hopefully that it’ll accomplish good things, particularly in the texture arena, as I’ve got plenty of “texture” going on. Okay fine, I have wrinkles. And yeah, of course I’ll do a post in a couple weeks etc to chronicle the effects — which means I gotta go do some “before” photos of my skin, pls excuse whilst I go cringe and weep (not really).

HOW’S YOUR FACE? Are you doing anything new to it? Ever used Retin-A Micro? Shaaaare! <3