So I’ve been trying to eat less trash, and do more of something resembling “cooking.” [Making toast counts as cooking, right?] One shitty thing about this town — okay one of many shitty things — is that ordering a salad will often get you a four-inch-high pile of meat and cheese on, like, une leaf. The leaf may or may not be deep-fried. AND SO, because I miss having Really Good Salads available, I’ve been concocting a few of my own. BEHOLD, SALADS :

WHAT THAT IS : Okay I cheated and used a pre-fab rotisserie chicken. But! The rest of it is LEGIT. Field greens plus baby spinach, steam some asparagus (keep it crisp!), sauté some chopped leeks in a bit of butter until soft and mild, top with a few fresh blackberries and a dressing of orange juice, olive oil, honey, splash of Worcestershire, and a shit ton of chopped fresh basil. GLORIOUS.

WHAT THAT IS : Big ol’ pile of arugula (omg I love arugula so much), more asparagus spears (steamed, still crisp, chilled), sliced avocado, a few chunks of pink grapefruit. Get an extra grapefruit, because you’re gonna use the juice of half of one to make dressing, along with chopped cilantro, oil (I used hemp seed oil, duh), cracked pepper, and a little sea salt. If your pink grapefruit is crazy sweet, add some lemon juice. If it’s crazy sour, add a little honey or brown sugar (heat in a bit of juice in the microwave to help it dissolve). Throw a couple salmon filets in a baking dish with copious lemon juice and pepper and whatever else you like — it’s perfectly baked in like 15-20 minutes (at 375). (This is my first time cooking salmon — yes, really! — and ooooh, it will not be the last).

FUCK THAT, IT’S FREEZING, I WANT SOMETHING HOT : Throw in a stock pot : 2 diced big baking potatoes, two finely chopped leeks, a mess of chopped fresh parsley and spinach, a package of chicken apple sausage (or whatever kinda sausage you like), a cup of quinoa, a cup or two of wild rice, and honestly it’s soup, throw in whatever. If you’re fancy, you can start this with actual stock. I am not fancy, so I used four bouillon cubes (chicken and vegetable). I also added about a cup of half ‘n’ half; heavy cream would’ve been better. If you REALLY want it thicker, you can simmer it longer sans lid to reduce it, *puree* the potatoes rather than cubing them, or cheat and thicken it with cornstarch. Salt and pepper to taste, as usual. DAMN FINE SOUP.

Cooked anything interesting lately? (Please tell me about it, I need inspo.) Big weekend plans? Share! <3