Recent Past / Near Future edition, aka recent or upcoming stuff I’m exited about :

* The Shape Of Water, the recent Guillermo del Toro film in which Doug Jones plays Abe Sapien a fish dude who is not Abe Sapien, because it looks fantastical and I love del Toro’s weird mystic/dark fairy tale work (everyone’s seen Pan’s Labyrinth, right?) and in retrospect I really wish he’d stayed on The Hobbit movies because hot damn those were a mess. (Also Crimson Peak is stylish period fun, and don’t even get me started on my love for Pacific Rim.)

* Spkg of, the new Pacific Rim (Uprising) is out in March, and I am INTO IT even if the trailer is kind of too much — I mean it’s got John Boyega AND Kikuchi and Gorman and Day are returning AND giant fucking robots, hell yeah.

* But before that, next month we get BLACK PANTHER, and I cannot tell you how excited I am for BLACK PANTHER!!, holy shit the trailer is amazing. The whole mise-en-scène looks amazing, the action looks amazing, the cast looks mind-blowing amazing, and oh, to have a Marvel movie that has the eye-candy and the badassery without the [frequent overdose of] quippy banter and wisecracking.

Also, here’s a nifty breakdown of characters/easter eggs/etc in the trailer :

Which, IDK this “New Rockstars” dude and some of his phrasing is kinda [side eye] BUT there’s some potentially helpful info in here if you, like me, are not well-versed in the original comics or just like to have a basic grasp of the characters/history before jumping in. I would also like to note that while I think Michael B. Jordan is adorable, I’m kind of sad that role didn’t go to Aldis Hodge, who is FANTASTIC in EVERYTHING.

Recent Acquisitions, Which Shall Be Reviewed Here Forthwith :

* Two pressed powder eyeshadows from a brand I’ve never tried!

* Four pressed powder eyeshadows from ANOTHER brand I’ve never tried!

* An exfoliant from ANOTHER brand I’ve never tried!

* A new type of facial oil I’ve never tried!

* Lawd only knows what else! I am mercurial!

IT’S OPEN THREAD, let’s run off at the mouth! Or keyboard! <3