It’s A NEW YEAR and it’s THE WEEKEND which means I’m in full-steam clean-out-the-house mode. Stray ~vintage~ stuff in the garage? Clothes I never wear? Random bits of furniture I don’t need? OUTTA HERE. The hardest part about this is battling one’s hoarding tendencies, especially when you come across stuff like …

a 1950s “Trans Portable” radio and a neat old telegraph key, or …

… two 1960s vintage wig cases with actual wigs in them (one of them is an Eva Gabor brand, omg).

And then there’s all the shit I’m pulling out of my closet because I’ve had it for a year (or two, or three) and never worn it. Sigh. BE A BETTER SHOPPER, COLLIER.

French Connection men’s shirt (yes, really) from fall 1990. I bought it (and kept it all this time) because it is SO. SO. AWFUL.

Which … I guess that’s going to be my New Year’s Resolution. I’ve never been a really egregious Keeper Of Stuff Just Because, but I DO still have a lot of things that serve absolutely no purpose in my life. THIS YEAR, those things are GONE. Craigslist, eBay, and Poshmark are my new best friends. Huzzah for de-cluttering!

Got a resolution yourself, or is that bullshit you don’t mess with? Got weekend plans? Got something on your mind? Diiiiiiscuss!