Wonder Matte, Wonder Metal : Wondrous Or Nah?

Good Or Nah?

Yesterday we checked out a few of AOA Studios’ baked eyeshadows — and today we migrate southward! On the face, I mean. I’m not, like, moving to Argentina or something. (Not that I have anything against Argentina! It sounds lovely, and the name means “made of silver” and silver is 100% my jam! But I don’t speak Spanish [“argentina” is actually Italian tho!] and it would be really expensive to haul all my stuff that far.)

ANYWAY. Today we’ve got LIP THINGS. My last omg-I’m-ordering-all-of-this bonanza at ShopMissA was largely a foray into their own line, which includes liquid matte lipsticks in 24 shades for a dollar each (matching liners available for all of ’em!), plus liquid matte metallics, also in 24 shades. Since I have appx 1,000 red things right now, I figured I’d skip those and pick up some interesting cooler-toned shades — a light/medium and a deep tone in each formula (from top, matte in Tease and Drama, metallic in Moon and Digital). Let’s see how they do, ¿sí? (Okay I speak one word of Spanish.)


These are packaged in a sturdy thick acrylic tube with chrome-finish cap and trim and shade-name sticker on the base, very similar to ColourPop’s, tho the tube is a teeny bit shorter and a teeny bit fatter. They come with a scored plastic shrink-wrap rather than a cardboard box, and I’ll assume the amount of product was listed somewhere on the plastic wrap / its sticker, but I cannot verify this because LIKE A FOOL I threw them away. That info isn’t on the tube itself or on AOA’s site, but judging by the size I’d postulate that it’s also roughly the same as CP’s .11oz. (Which, most liquid mattes — or anything that comes in this kind of tube — are between .1 and .2oz.) All four have a scent I’ll classify as “vaguely fruity-sweet.” It’s not what I’d choose, but at least it’s not frakking vanilla/cake, and it’s only detectible while you’re applying the product — there’s no lingering scent during wear.

The applicator is a pretty standard fuzzy doefoot wand — quite short flocking, slanted tip. Note that the doefoot is much larger than ColourPop’s, with a more pronounced angle at the end.


Both of the mattes applied eaaaaaasy. Oddly, though the nap on the applicator seems roughly the same as ColourPop’s, I had a slightly easier time getting a crisp clean edge with these! They both covered fully in one coat, though dark plummy-wine “Drama” did have some lighter and deeper areas, typical of a lot of super-dark liquid mattes. This was only really apparent in close-up shots, though, and it looked perfectly fine — not streaky — at normal viewing distance. Both dried down to a true non-sticky matte finish, and did so fairly quickly (at least as fast as most of CP’s Ultra Mattes, tho maybe not quite as fast as Tarte’s Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint). (P.S. “Tease” is the lipstick in Monday’s LOTRT!)

AOA Studio Wonder Matte : Tease

AOA Studio Wonder Matte : Drama

The metallic shades, however, differ a little. Golden-mauve “Moon” kind of “sets” but it doesn’t dry down completely. It doesn’t transfer much, if at all (I’m wearing it now and there’re no prints on my coffee cup) but it retains a slightly moist clingy feel, rather similar to YSL Glossy Stains and stuff of that ilk. Smoky plum “Digital,” however, did fully dry down and felt like a normal matte liquid lipstick. Both of them covered easily and completely in one pass, and were a snap to get a crisp lip line with. I love that these are truly a sparkling metallic finish, rather than a pearl or (ewwwww) a frost. Also, I should note that I did NOT have high hopes for these — my only other matte metallic liquid lip product is Fyrinnae’s “Dark Angel,” which is a sheer, patchy, streaky damn disaster with zero longevity. So, expectations exceeded!

AOA Studio Wonder Metal : Moon

AOA Studio Wonder Metal : Digital

Bonus shot of Digital with ring light to show off its SHIIIINNNNYYYY :


Listen, I am a chronic lipstick-toucher-upper. I want that shit to be solid and perfect and not disappeared from my inner lip area, like, always. All four of these shades are pretty solid performers in that arena — they do wear off the center of your mouth, as pretty much every lipstick will, and that process is accelerated by drinking/eating. But all four of these wore very well for many hours, no smearing or flaking or crusting up into chunks, and since all four apply quite thinly they’re relatively easy to touch up without making a nasty mess.


The appearance of “Tease” is going to vary A LOT based on your skin tone — it’s one of those weird lilac/grey/beige shades that looks different on everyone. But it’s approximately what I was hoping for when I ordered ColourPop’s “Trap,” and Rituel de Fille’s “Prey,” and countless other failed attempts to achieve a desaturated mauvey shade that doesn’t read as washed-out grey-brown on me. Here’s Tease next to a few other shades from the stash — Tarte Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint in “Festival” and ColourPop UM “Viper.” I mean, Tease is EXACTLY the color that Trap appears to be in like 80% of the swatch pics online. :/

Annnnnd swatches of all four, in cool, neutral, warm, and fluorescent lighting :


THE VERDICT : SUPER FREAKIN’ GOOD. I love these, they feel thin, comfortable, and not super drying on the lips, they have little to no transfer, they can be touched up without making a train wreck on your face, and they are a dollar, so they’re an ideal choice for experimental “I’m pretty sure this color will look terrible on me” shades. My only complaints would be A) the wastefulness of such heavy bulky packaging for relatively little product — tho ColourPop and others are just as guilty in that regard, and B) more colors, please! (Also they really need to note the product amount on the package and/or the site.)

BONUS : Obligatory video swatch!

Tried ’em? Gonna? Got a fave matte metallic? TALK ABOUT SOME LIPSTICKS.